The Jackpot

I have a confession…I wasn’t thrilled about going to the Family History Center tonight. I needed to go to the Stake Center for a temple recommend interview and I told myself I should at least stop by the FHC. You see I ordered some microfilm, oh, about 6 months ago and I had yet to view it. I had tried 3-4 times but the center closed early or all the machines were full, etc. But tonight, despite last week’s warning about crowded Tuesday nights, there were no other patrons. I dutifully started scrolling through the 1858-1870 marriage records of Grand Manan Island. I hit pay dirt in 1865 where I found Leonard Urquhart and Angeline Zwicker. I was somewhat disappointed that both parents weren’t listed as the witnesses (because that’s what I was looking for) but I was thrilled to have found their marriage date. I gathered up my stuff and asked the sweet grandma librarian which set of records I should order next. She replied with “Oh, I’m not sure you have to order anything. Let me just see…” The next thing I know she’s zipping around various websites, asking me to spell Urquhart and printing out 4+ generations of family members. The other librarian heard me shouting for joy and when he found out that we were trying to connect a family branch in Scotland, he volunteered to help with the search because he’s an expert on Scotland. Two hours and 11 pages later I leave the family history center with my head spinning…I sure am glad I went over there tonight and I don’t think I was the only one shouting for joy.


8 thoughts on “The Jackpot

  1. awesome! i admire your patience with this! be sure to send that to my dad (well…im assuming its on our side cause the name leonard?? if not then im just kidding!!) cause he loves all this stuff. he tells us often that he cant die yet cause he has all the family history no one else knows…

  2. i feel dumb when i see you and allison and everyone else talk about family history (whether it be ours or any ritchie’s) because i don’t have any idea how to do family history! not only this but i’m also totally not motivated at all. i mean, i guess there’s the whole temple thing…which maybe is reason enough i should be motivated…

  3. You found them! I’m so exicted, I’ll have to call you so we can continue. I’m so glad that you went, I’m sure it wasn’t a coicidence. YOu’ve made me recommited to that family line. At one point I did find out a lot of stuff on Grand Manan, but i don’t know what I did with it.

  4. With this find we can split up lines…if anyone is interested. I did find a second wife for one of our great-great grandfathers and that helped me to realize why Grandma had tons and tons of Guptill paperwork. I have a huge list of Family History websites that will make it fairly easy for anyone to work on it that wants to….just let me know…no pressure. Kristin-I’m glad you have info. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to look for on the “general grand manan” historical film that I have.

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