A Few of My Favorite Things

Ritchie spent the better part of July working late nights trying to finish the “Concept Home” his company was building. Before reading this post I would recommend viewing the virtual tour of the house at http://www.stadlercustomhomes.com/ taking special note of the following:

*The sweet fish tank in the foyer (also visible from the office)
*The shape of the great island in the kitchen. On the far left it has shelves for cookbooks and then you can see the drawers for storage and cubbies for baskets. It was awesome.
*The 3 levels of outdoor patio/entertainment area

As is my tradition when touring 2.9 million dollar homes, I took a few photos of the features I liked best…

This is the ceiling in the study. I love the iron scrolling along the panels (but I’d hate to dust it!)

This the the dining room ceiling. I like the way it’s shaped and the stenciling was one of my very favorite features. These designs were faintly painted on several different ceilings and walls throughout the house…I absolutely loved them.

The beams in the master bedroom are faux painted to look like rusted steel. Not a feature I’d put in my own house but nicely done.

This is the tile in the transition area from the master bedroom to master bath. I like the way they used so many different types of tile so tastefully.

This is the hood over the range in the kitchen. If you look closely you can see the faint stencils again in the corners. At first I didn’t like the antique look of it. Uncle Ben described it as furniture from the Goodwill. However, after looking at it for a week I came to appreciate the contrast between the dark antiqued wood and the cream glazed cabinets. I really like the finished kitchen.

The wonderful utility room. The wrapping paper station is there on the left, along with the personal valet. The personal valet is your very own dry cleaner. I guess you can get them for about $350 which sounded like a deal to me. You can see the open shelving unit under the window…it moves so you can roll it around, pull it out and stick a chair behind it for a desk or use it as a second workspace at the computer nook which is just around the corner. Ingenious :).

This is the view from the elevator…that’s right, the elevator. Just in case your elderly parents need a place to stay. It had an old fashioned accordion gate and the doors to the shaft were automated to be locked unless the elevator was waiting behind the door.

This picture was the best I could do, sorry it’s diagonal. That little doorway is off of one of the children’s bedrooms. It opens into a little cave-like play area set up with little rocking chairs, video games and a storage ottoman. It was a popular feature.

This is the bath for the second bedroom upstairs. Ritchie really likes the tile.

I included this picture for the golfers. This is the golfcart garage (this house is located on the golf course in this 8800 acre subdivision out in the country). Notice all the golf stuff in the picture….golf ball drawer pulls, putters for the sink legs, astroturf as the countertop and putter heads for the hot/cold fixtures. Ritchie helped brainstorm this one. I thought it was pretty clever.

And finally, the powder bathroom. This sink is so awesome. Sadly, it costs $1,000 so I will never own one but I can admire it in this picture. It’s hard to appreciate the tile from these but they’re all colored glass and the total effect is great.

The media room wasn’t represented in these pictures or in the slideshow. It had a mini-kitchen, huge screen tv, leather couch and round poker table. I really liked the sliding windows that allowed you to pass through food/games from the media room to the main level veranda.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little view of Stadler Custom Homes’ 6 Augusta. Have a terrific day!


6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. How nice of you to put my house on display! Haha yeah right. But im pretty sure if you could afford a 2.9 mil dollar home, you can afford a cleaning service so you yourself wouldnt have to dust those ceilings. Im amazed. Im sure the pics dont even do it justice! I wish i could see it!

  2. Much better tour than the one they gave on the San Antonio morning show clip that I saw. Lots of unique ideas as always!

  3. I was going to say tht same thing as Cathy. πŸ™‚ That home is amazing! I have been looking for an iron panel I could put up above my front door, but I never considered using them as the ceiling! That sink is awesome and I love the little kids room. I’m sure it’s way cute on the inside. I’d love to see it in person!

  4. i love love love the idea of that kitchen hood, but i would really love it in white. my future kitchen (sorry, several people have already heard this) will have white cabinets, many with glass fronts so that you can see through to our colorful fiestaware and other cool looking items. i want the kitchen to be mostly white with hardwood (medium color hardwood) but have little accents of color, like the fiestaware stuff, little things like the spoon holder i just got in mexico, and a chandelier at kaleidoscope that’s just a decoration (kim just put it up today). it’s amazing, it is an orange gold color with crystals and crystal fruit hanging from it (just little ones) the fruit is in every single color you could ever imagine. i want this chandelier so badly! i’ll take a picture of it tomorrow morning maybe and post it sometime. but anyway i love the house pictures and thanks for the tour =)

  5. That home is so beautiful. Sadly, I do not think I will ever own such a show piece. I just love how it has so much character. I need to put a little more character and uniqueness into my house. Tell Ritchie and team to keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

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