I should be cleaning…

What is it about Stephenie Meyer’s “riveting vampire love saga” (direct quote from the book jacket :)) that makes her books so irresistable? Is it the other-worldliness of it? Is it the depth of the characters…one in particular? Is it the devotion, the inevitability, the sacrifice? Lisa and I can’t figure out why we are UNABLE to put these books down. And I mean this literally-it’s ridiculous. I received my copy of Eclipse in the mail this week (thank you again to my birthday benefactors) and when I haven’t been reading it I’ve been pondering the plot and the characters. This morning it took every ounce of self-control I had to put the book down (in an out-of-the-way place so I wouldn’t be tempted to read it) and get on with my morning. There are few books I’ve read that are this compelling..but I mean really-vampires & werewolves?? What is it that makes a book, especially this book, so enticing?
PLEASE NOTE: I have not finished Eclipse so please don’t give away anything past page 410 :).


6 thoughts on “I should be cleaning…

  1. I can’t figure it out either. I just find it entertaining, I don’t analyze it as much as the two of you do. All I know is that I had to leave Bella, Alice & Edward at a crucial point in “New Moon” because I didn’t want to bring Alli’s copy to TX with me…I’m planning to finish it at your house…and hoping that you’ll finish “Eclipse” so that then I can take that one to CA!

  2. Rarrgh! I have to get my hands on those books! Although, reading for me is VERY bad because I literally don’t put it down until it’s done. But, thankfully I read fairly quickly, so it’s usually a day or two or less of doing nothing but reading and then I’m done. 🙂Glad you’re enjoying that series!

  3. Everybody at school is talking about this series! We bought a copy of the first one (was it Twilight?) at the church book store back in the “frequent trips to the church bookstore because we’re planning a wedding” days, but a certain someone has not finished with it (or even begun it) yet, so we may have to invest in another copy so we can keep up.

  4. I think another thing about it is the perfection of Edward…except for the small fact that he is a vampire. I told Jeff it’s a good thing Edward is a vampire, or else I might have a crush on him, kind of like the crush I get on Mr. Darcy when I watch or read Pride and Prejudice. I’m impressed that you haven’t already finished it. I wish I could have had a little more self control and spread out the joy over more than one day.I definitely think that the depth of Edward is a key part of the allure. I also think that another part of it is the idea of wanting what you can’t have, or shouldn’t have. Everyone can relate to that because everyone has felt that at some point.

  5. I agree with Lisa… it’s so much about wanting what you can’t have, and also the perfection in every way of the Cullens that pulls you in. I will be interested to talk to you about the book when you are done. I definitely have some feelings on the matter. In some ways though, the book is hard to believe. Kristin on Lindsays computer

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