Welcome to Junior Primary

It took all I had today to refrain from scribbling notes during singing time for this blog. Before this afternoon, I had only taught the CTR 8 Class in Senior Primary. Today, however, I received an initiation into the world of CTR 5 which also gave me a good view of the Sunbeams. I kept glancing across the aisle at a friend and I think my look must’ve been something like “are you serious!!?!” A few of the highlights include….

*the primary president’s toddler son almost knocking down the flagpole as he ran pell-mell around the room during opening exercises.
*a small sunbeam attempting to blow his nose…about thirty seconds before his teacher had a tissue out for him to blow into.
*the same small sunbeam half undressing himself during singing time.
*a girl from my ctr 5 class saying “I have got to stop biting my nails.” I look down (incredulously) to find that it is actually her TOENAILS that she is biting!

Though I have yet to receive a calling (Ritchie was called as the 2nd Counselor in the YM Pres. today), it may not be bad to sub for a while longer with the CTR 5 kids-it was great comic relief! I realized there was NO way that I could get all 6 of them to stay quiet and attentive so I just kind of gave up and sang along with the ones who were singing :).

As you may have noted, this was our first Sunday in our new ward and it was a little weird but it’ll be good. I just have to get used to it. We’re in a mini-building, I think they’re called Phase 2. It’s like the one we went to in Arkansas. We have to get there kinda early because there are 31 fewer parking spaces than there are families. We had a ward ice cream social yesterday where we got to meet some new people. I think that everything will feel more familiar once I have a few more names under my belt.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Junior Primary

  1. You gotta love junior primary. Our CTR 5 class is particularly busy as well. My favorite was when one of the boys in the class was shooting something imaginary out of the air in the primary room with his imaginary machine gun while I was trying to teach a Sharing Time about the Holy Ghost… I can’t believe you’re already having the full block of meetings! It took our ward like three Sundays before we were actually having all three hours. Ritchie will be great in YM, just don’t let him be a bad example of sportsmanship with basketball. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see where they put you to work.

  2. That is SO funny. Since this is Aubrey’s class, I have been able to sub in there several times as well and always breathe a sigh of relief when it’s over.

  3. Noway! One of the boys was also trying to shoot his imaginary machine gun. When I told him we don’t shoot people at church he pointed it at himself. I was pretty alarmed and told him to put the gun away period. He looked at me, pulled his hands apart and said “See, it’s not a gun-it’s just my hands” as though that should allay all my fears :). I’m glad to hear that was semi-normal behavior :). I wouldn’t mind teaching the kids, they’re cute kids I would just need to get used to them and their antics ;).

  4. My favorite is the toenail story! I can’t quite imagine a 5 year old sitting in Primary biting those nails…too funny. They’d make you tired but keep you entertained. Glad it went well.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are hilarious! What great entertainment!I can’t believe there’s that little parking! Crazy!Glad to hear that the new ward is looking decent, amidst all the Primary antics! πŸ˜‰

  6. Haha those are hillarious stories. Except I find the toenail story extremely disgusting.I have to say that our new ward meets at 8:30 am because our building is so small that there is no way that our wards can overlap. Our chapel does not even have the two short rows on the sides and one long row in the middle. it only has one short and one long. we spill out into the gym every single week. (and I secretly want to tell you that we have now been in this ward for tow months and neither of us have callings of given talks in sacrament meeting. but i dont want to gynx us so that is why its a secret….)good post. good luck with the primary kids!!

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