Calling All Cousins (& Moms & Sisters & Aunts)

I know someone who was just called as Enrichment Leader in her new ward. I’m sure she’d appreciate any ideas from y’all about Enrichment Activities, Focus Groups or Super Saturdays. If you’d like post your ideas or send them to my email…’ll make sure she gets them :). Thanks and have a great night.


11 thoughts on “Calling All Cousins (& Moms & Sisters & Aunts)

  1. Yay!! You will be great!! Ive been on the Enrichement committee for about a year and a half.One thing we have found that works is to divide into groups so everyone gets personal attention. For instance, one time we did a picnic, and had about 8 or 10 group leaders. each leader was in charge of contacting a set amount of people, and together each group was in charge of coming up with a theme for their group. so at the picnic, we ended up having a luau, a campsite, a baseball group, and much more. that way each person felt like they were personally included. does that make sense?then another time we divided up by birthday months, each person was called, and we sat with our birthdays and had a cooking demonstration.we dont do this all the time, but its a way to get people out of their comfort zone and sit and mingle with people they dont always know. this type of thing would be good as yall are a new ward! a fun way to get to know one another.another thing we did was have a “tea party”, and it was a huge hit. I went around and picked up tea pots and cups from the ladies in the ward, and we had a yummy warm drink (not tea, obviously) and “english desserts” and had every one dress up for a tea party. one of the ladies brought a quilt her grandma had made and talked about her grandmother getting together every thursday with the other relief society sisters to sew quilts for the brides getting married. this girl wound lay under the quilting frame and watch it bounce as the ladies always had wonderful conversations, never anything negative. so them we were able to talk about generations of relief soceity and what we are doing for the future generations. it was really neat and we had sooooo many people say how much they really enjoyed it. Ive got lots of ideas, so we can talk later!!

  2. We’re about to have a Fond of You Fondue Night for enrichment. It sounds pretty fun to me. But, unfortunately, I don’t really have many Relief Society ideas. It’s been over two years since I’ve been able to go, so I’m pretty much in Primary mode these days. Good thing Cathy’s got lots of ideas!

  3. You will do great Linds! I havnen’t had that calling since Tyler was a toddler and they have changed it so much. To be honest, I haven’t been to ours since I went back to work. One suggestion: have variety, our ward only does serious topics, nothing to pull me away from home. If I hear of anything I’ll pass it on.

  4. You’ll be great! Our enrichment leader was just released, so we are looking for someone new to take her place. She was so good, too. We have lots of Focus Groups: storytime at the library, playtime at the park, book group, lunch bunch, and we’re starting a food storage one. Also, we have an ongoing humanitarian service project as a ward. We contacted a hospital and they gave us a list of things the maternity floor needs. Our sisters have made drawstring bags that hold all the samples they give the new moms. In Januzry we are going to make little fleece blankies for the babies. And just last week (this is so sad) they gave me the pattern for the little gowns they put the stillborn babies in. The hospital we are working with is a county hospital and they have so many needs. Our sisters have really responded to the invitation to serve. We meet twice a month at church to work together on the sewing, but they also take material home and work on it there. In the middle of all the drawstring bags, the stake RS asked us to make lapquilts for a nursing home as a stake project. I was really worried because the sisters were doing so much already, but lo-and-behold, we have made almost 20 in less than six weeks. Sorry for such a long answer. Let’s email ideas!

  5. I wish I had some good ones…I was on the enrichment committee last school year but they didn’t ask for my opinion too often, they mostly planned the activities in their relief society pres. meetings I think. If I can remember any great ones I’ll let you know…it looks like a lot of people have had some good ideas though. Love you lots. Miss you.

  6. we were looking through a recipe book that D’s aunt gave us and we found a scripture cake… basically you have to do a scripture chase to find the ingredients for the cake… I thought that would be a fun enrichment … just let me know if you want a copy of it

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