At Long Last

I have finished all the window treatments for which I have been collecting material. At this point I must interject a special credit to Mom whose sewing ideas and expertise were crucial to this endeavor. Though I look with pride on the living room drapes that we designed ourselves, I also feel a sense of awe that she was willing to review that plan with me so many times in the course of the 6 months that I was executing it. She also helped me implement the other two designs which we originally found in a book and subsequently customized. I don’t know how many hours these curtains have consumed (There were at least 3 hours of seam-ripping involved) but I feel a great sense of satisfaction at all that I have learned through the course of this long project.

Living Room
These are my favorites because I had such a fun time choosing the complementary fabrics. I still have a few more pieces for accents and a chair cover. (Thank you Allison for helping me find the tassels…a real bargain)

As a side note: I’ve been trying to get good pictures of the kitchen window treatments for about a month now. I have determined that there is not a single time of day when my kitchen pictures turn out so you’ll have to see them in person in order to truly appreciate them.

Game Room
This room will eventually be decorated in black and white. The curtains are just a start. (By the way-does anyone have any ideas on painting a room black, white and cream?? I’ve thought about chair rail or faux or just doing one accent wall…I don’t want it to be a cave but I haven’t hit on the perfect idea. Liz-any suggestions?)


9 thoughts on “At Long Last

  1. I like the game room ones, I haven’t seen those. And they look good now, but they’re even cuter in person, especially in the kitchen! way to go!

  2. love em! fabulous job!!! Those are wonderful ideas!!What if you did cream on the top part of the wall, then a white border, and then black on the bottom, like just 2 or 3 feet.

  3. Wow, I’m so flattered that you’re asking for my advice! 🙂I like Cathy’s idea (and was just about to suggest that actually- great minds think alike!)Another way is do the wall with the curtains in black as an accent wall with white chair railing, then use cream as your accent color for furniture, pillows, etc. But like you said, I may just have to come see it in person! 🙂Fabulous job! Love it! Especially that you did them all yourself! That is such a wonderful talent!

  4. Well, I only have drapes on two windows in my house, and they were made from a “sewing for dummies” pattern… You’re awesome! They look great, and they’re so unique (in a good way!). I’m trying to think of a way to get myself out to the cliff for a visit, so I guess me seeing the curtains will have to wait until then.

  5. linds those are great! i’m glad you finally posted pictures. unfortunately, the only black and whiteish rooms i have seen are ‘mod’ rooms, so i don’t really know what to tell you. i think you should stick with clean lines and simplicity if you’re doing it, though, that’s my only suggestion. i’m sure it’ll turn out great. you’re awesome!

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