So Long Big Blue

I just thought I’d let you know that the Seil 1994 Ford F150 has a new home. We sold it this evening to a gentleman who was genuinely excited about having a truck (he did not have any other transportation). He took it for a test drive around the block and declared that he wanted it. The whole affair took about 30 minutes. So thanks to all of you who took such good care of Blue over the years-we’ve sure been grateful to own it for the past two. I am sure many of you will have a nostalgic moment as I did, but that’s why I wanted you to know that Blue’s new owner will have just as much pride in ownership and will be just as enthusiastic about the truck’s faithful service as we all were.


7 thoughts on “So Long Big Blue

  1. i’m getting teary-eyed in my cubicle across the world. i will miss that truck. i love love loved it. and i always felt pretty cool driving it around in high school. i will miss it for sure. i’ve always told nate that i want a truck like that. i’m glad it’s going to someone who will love it.

  2. Sugar! You should’ve told us you wanted a truck like that! Well, on second though, I’m not sure the drive to Utah would’ve been to good for Old Blue :). I got teary=eyed too, don’t worry :).

  3. If what Kristin said is true, I must be living wrong, because the Crown Victoria is still not sold! 🙂 How are you people selling your cars so quickly? Please, tell me what I am doing wrong here. Also, I am said that Big Blue is gone, but I’m glad it was so easy for you to sell it.

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