Testing, testing….

So something’s up with my blog. I lost all the sidebar info. I’m trying to figure out how to fix it and I’m hoping this post will do the trick. (I messed with the html on my last post…oops :))
I really loved general conference today and yesterday. Many of the talks addressed things I’d been thinking about but I especially appreciated Elder Oaks and Spencer J. Condie’s remarks. It’s good to be reminded that the Lord’s promises are to be fulfilled despite our earthly impatience. What were your favorite talks??


7 thoughts on “Testing, testing….

  1. Bummer….I liked that post. Maybe you can re-post it.I liked the ones you did. I also really enjoyed President Packer’s remarks yesterday, President Eyring’s talk today, as well as Sister Beck’s talk. Now I just have to have Fref talk me through putting them all on my Ipod once they’re on the website so that I can listen to all of them again, plus the ones I missed while I was flying home.

  2. I liked the one about women, and the one about loving your loved ones. I dont remember who said that! Your highlites lloked good by the way!!

  3. I really liked President Eyring’s talk also. It inspired us to start a family journal tonight for FHE, and we are going to start recording the ways we see the Lord touching our lives. We’re also going to record funny and happy things about our family in it, because happiness is a blessing too! 🙂 I also really liked Daniel K. Judd’s talk, from the Sunday school presidency, because he said some things that I can really apply to my primary calling. And, I loved Elder Oaks’ talk also. Choosing between good things is my biggest problem in life! Anyway, I’m rambling now, but those were a few of my favorites.

  4. Elder Oaks, Julie Beck, Spencer Condie’s, I liked so many! It is always so good to refocus. I’m sorry your highlights post had to be deleted. They look good anyway. 🙂

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