Friendship, Prophylaxis & Faux Paint

Well, I’d worked to prepare for Enrichment as best I could but there’s only so much one girl can do. So this last week I corraled some friends into helping and I’m happy to say that “Falling into Friendship” was a great success. This was due in large part to all of the ideas and work that various people volunteered (including y’all—thank you!). I will, however, take credit for purchasing the paper goods and getting people to say the prayers and I daresay without those things the evening wouldn’t have been nearly as grand. I was humbled by the number of people who called on Thursday to ask if they could help me with anything. I was also impressed by the number people who arrived early and stayed late, joining in to help out with whatever needed doing. It was a blessing to be the recipient of so much service.

In addition to putting the finishing touches on Enrichment I started my 2 month stint in the dental office this week. I had also worked hard to prepare Ritchie and I for this but I was not prepared for was the serious learning curve I ran smack into. Having worked in the very same office this spring, I figured I’d remember most of what I needed to know. However, I was startled to realize that either my memory isn’t what I thought it was or they’ve changed things quite a bit in the last 8 months. Either way, I’m a bit behind in my TLA acquisition. Just for fun, I’ll be sending a prize to the person who can correctly identify the most acronyms:

*DR (I figured I’d make sure you got at least one right!)

And finally, after a very long week I made the trek to H-town South to enjoy little man’s birthday and a weekend with travelingtxmom & happymom&crew. We had a terrific birthday party and then the three of us had a great time at Super Saturday where we learned about home decorating/painting, gardening, and how to make those little yarn hats on the circle looms. All in all it was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend and I was so grateful for it!


12 thoughts on “Friendship, Prophylaxis & Faux Paint

  1. Believe it or not…for a second I was like…DR…how am I supposed to know what that is?? Haha, oops.So here they are:Root Canal TechnicianCrown Removal NursePretty X-RayTexas X-ray TechnicianSomeone Call LarryPhysical Therapist Doctor!Good luck with your stint! And sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! I love you!

  2. I never knew you worked in a dentist office. That’s cool. Minus the fact that I loathe the dentist. I bet you are the nice lady that works there. Since I dont know what those acronyms actually mean I am going to agree with Ali on most of those except PT I think that stands for Patient. I am glad your enrichment went well. I am still going to get you that recipie at sometime.

  3. I’m glad enrichment went well, and also happy you could come to the birthday bash. RCT, Root-Canal-something that starts with T; CRN, crown, PX, patient xray, txt, t-squared; SCL, someone call larry; PT, patient; DR, doctor

  4. I’m jealous that I missed out on Super Saturday. I AM glad though that your enrichment went well. I’m sure that is the first of many successful ones. Here are my guesses:RCT-Root Canal TherapyCRN-CrownPX–ProphylaxisTXT-Teeth are Xtra TidySCL-Someone Call Larry PT-PatientDR-DoctorI think Alli deserves the prize because hers are the most creative, if not the most correct.

  5. I didnt know you worked in a dentist office! By 2 month stint I thought you meant 2 months of treatment! Yuck! Here are my votes, and I am certain they are correct:RCT- root canal topCRN- CrownPX- Patient XrayTXT- text message during treatmentSCL- Someone call LarryPT- patientDR- Dr…..I assume his name is larry because everyone keeps calling him!And what exactly did you do for enrichment?

  6. LOL…you guys are great. I’m laughing hysterically and I’ll for sure be thinking of y’all every time I use those acronyms :). You’re close :).

  7. RCT must be root canal tortureWhat did you do at enrichment, exactly?Do you work at the dentist’s office? Are you a tech? a hygenist? I am missing many details in this latest development of your life.

  8. Ok, I’m going to have to go with Lisa’s answers on this since she’s a nurse, and I have yet to take my medical courses. 😉 If they were eye acronymns, I’d definitely win. 😉Glad to hear enrichment was a success! You’ll have to go into more detail about what you did! 🙂Thanks for the update!

  9. As someone who attended, I can attest that Lindsay’s first Enrichment Night was a major hit. Alright, I’m always up for a challenge. This is what I (with a little help from Wikipedia) came up with:RCT (Root Canal Therapy)CRN (Crown)PX (Panoramic X-ray)TXT (Text)SCL (Sympton Check List)PT (Part Time)DR (Doctor)

  10. I just want to say that if this little contest had come a few days later I for certain would have won. I had to review 3 years worth of dental logs on one kid today and I saw a couple of them!

  11. What a creative group reads this blog! I can’t wait to see what the real answers are.It was a nice weekend, I wish we could enjoy more like that. I’ll just have to treasure what I can get.

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