Sleepy Head

This morning I read an article about getting ample sleep. Here’s the link: It was interesting to think about in relation to weight and stress. I probably have the opportunity to sleep more than most and I take advantage of it. At the same time I feel for you mommies and students who get so little sleep. So here’s to all of us who make the effort to take care of ourselves by getting enough sleep. So as we aspire to lose weight in 08 with Cathyface my advice is for us to nap away.


7 thoughts on “Sleepy Head

  1. hahaha car. i know what a nap is. i sleep in most days, lounge around and do whatever homework i feel like doing, go to night classes, come back home before 6 pm usually, lounge some more. man, i need to get a stinking job…

  2. Our newspaper has been quoting from the same article about sleep. So today I decided if it’s good enough for Petunia and for the Star-Telegram, I better get busy and try this nap thing. So, at 10:40 am I went back to my nice warm cuddly bed to take a nice little snooze. The house was quiet: J was already (still) practicing the extended sleep idea, D was at an Eagle project, and MetheDad is on his way to Puerto Rico–so, the timing was perfect. Only thing, I couldn’t get to sleep!!! Now what do I do?

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