Political Junkie

As the wedding coverage has been pretty complete I’ll skip to a different topic…one that consumed much of my attention over the first 6 weeks of the year…the current political climate. I think my interest in politics stems back to my years campaigning for Karl on the school board. I can remember assembly lines of mailers, campaign posters and maps of areas we walked delivering material. At the time I didn’t appreciate what a feat it was for my dad to be on the school board but now I do.
Fast forward 10ish years…January 2008 rolled around and I found myself engulfed in two fascinating races for presidential nominations. I spent the better part of January absorbed by 6 hours of talk radio everyday as Mitt made his ascent and and then decline. I attended a stellar Super Tuesday party only to go home disappointed and frustrated and now I’ll sit back and watch what happens. It was really fun to follow a candidate so closely and be so interested in his every speech, appearance and criticism. I know it’s not going to happen for Mitt in 08. As devastated as I was then, I realized that it was good in some ways because I couldn’t keep that pace up all year and now that McCain is the heir apparent I don’t feel compelled to listen to Rush and Sean everyday anymore. I’m still trying to decide how to vote next week. I hear that Mitt will still be on the ballot here in Texas and I’m thinking I’ll still give him my vote. I’m grateful to have had a candidate that I agreed with on so many issues and who I felt I could support whole heartedly. I’m grateful for the manner in which he conducted himself despite heavy fire from his opponents and the media. And I’m grateful for his family’s willingness to share him in the service of our country. 2012?


6 thoughts on “Political Junkie

  1. oh politics. what a battle. i dont know that much about politics perhaps cause I dont think it really catches my attention. I would have voted for Romney. Now I do not know who I will vote for. I know a few that I wont vote for. Thanks for the update!!

  2. I feel your pain. I’m thinking I’ll still vote for Romney in the Primary. I know McCain will end up getting his delegates (since Romney has pledged his delegates to McCain) but I will feel better knowing that my vote went through the filter of Romney before it ended up there. It’s like a McCain vote with a little Romney twist. Does that make sense?

  3. A few days/weeks before Romney dropped out, the polls were saying the #1 subject on the minds of American voters was not the war, illegal immigration, or healthcare, but was the economy. I thought it odd that the candidate with the most experience in saving disasterous budgets (Olympics and Mass.) had to drop out for lack of support. I will really miss seeing his name on the ballot in Nov., and I honestly have no idea how I will vote. I, too, hope for 2012.

  4. I try to avoid politics now that our man Mitt is out, because I’m afraid of the direction any of remaining candidates will take our country in. It gives me anxiety.

  5. I was happy to be able to cast my vote for Mitt last Friday even though McCain will get it. I appreciate your efforts to keep me politically current.

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