Broken Computer=Clean Garage

I had the best intentions to re-enter the world of regular bloggers back in March. However, right after my last post our motherboard died and I spent most of the month computerless. Some days I felt like I was missing a major appendage because I’m so dependent on the thing. Most days I felt a certain amount of freedom because I couldn’t respond to emails, look up random facts or check my favorite items on Craigslist. As a result of all of that free time I finished up quite a few projects that I’ve had pending. We took a food storage inventory and calculated our remaining needs (all without Excel…I had to brush up on my math skills!), I finished sanding/staining/sealing the end tables we got from Grandma Barbara 2.5 years ago. I’m almost finished binding a quilt I started almost 4 years ago. And, for the first time in 2.5 years I pulled my car into the clean, almost organized garage! Maybe I should take a computer break every year!
ps…I would post pictures of the above items but we’re still in camera limbo…one thing at a time around here.


6 thoughts on “Broken Computer=Clean Garage

  1. i think that is what i need. a broken tv, a broken computer, no school, and no job. then perhaps i will get things done around here. good luck with the camera deal.

  2. yeah! FINALLY! I kept checking your blog every day even though I knew you wouldn’t be on because of the computer problem. Daaaaang girl! You got a lot done! I’m almost done with the bookshelf but now it’ll need a third or even fourth layer of paint i think. i look forward to seeing pictures of your finished products!

  3. You know, I knew you had no computer, but for some reason, I never connected that as the reason you weren’t blogging. Sometimes my lack of common sense is astonishing. Good for you for finishing so many projects. I’m usually the type who doesn’t start something new until I finish what I’ve already started. However, I am finding that the more time I have on my hands, the less efficiently I use it. Therefore, I have about twenty unfinished things laying around my house.

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