An Unconventional Shopping Trip

So I went shopping at Marshall’s the other day, looking for a white button-up shirt (because of the multiplicity of meetings that I now attend at church). When I go to Marshall’s I either find NOTHING or quite a few things. This time I made 3 trips to the dressing room (for a total of 20 items) and came home with 6 of them. As I showed them to RJ later that night I realized that of the 3 shirts, 1 skirt and two pairs of shoes that I bought, 3 things were brown, 2 were white and one was black. We both laughed as we realized how frequently I purchase and wear things that are brown or tan. In all honesty, I think brown may be my favorite color…I usually wear something brown everyday. Is that drab? What color shows up most in your wardrobe?

As for being unconventional…check out these shoes…when I saw them I thought that they were way cute but I didn’t think that they were a practical purchase. I decided to buy them and now that I have them home I realize they’ll go with more than I thought. Sometimes it’s fun to be unconventional…anybody bought anything impractical lately?

And yes Carrie, I took these with the new camera RJ got me this month :).


12 thoughts on “An Unconventional Shopping Trip

  1. oh those are so cute!! I always buy things that unconventional… dev calls me a compulsive shopper… I know what I like what can I say. I would most certainly say I wear a lot of blue always with brown. I dont have comfortable black shoes so i tend to go with brown a lot more for my own comfort. Also I wear red… just because thats what color all my tshirts are cause thats our school color… ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you got a new camera!!

  2. Those shoes rock! ๐Ÿ™‚ I see multiple possibilities for sure!And honey, I am QUEEN of impractical purchases! My favorite is my all time favorite pair of shoes- my turqouise strappy wedge sandals. LOVE them, but don’t have a thing to wear with them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How fun to have a day to just go shopping and try on all the fun stuff. I do love those shoes even though I have never seen you wear anything like that before. Enjoy!

  4. The shoes are really cute! The ladies at work were talking about how much they love Marshalls, but the one closest to me closed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆBlue is definitely the most popular color in my wardrobe, but I find more and more I am attracted to red. Does that mean anything?

  5. same here…it’s probably blue for me! except I wear black and white quite a bit too…I did buy a bright coral colored dress lately that I love, because it’s unconventional!I LOVE those shoes, you’re workin’ it girl! PS if you’re still looking for a white button up Gap has really good ones…more expensive but great fit and last a long time…and lots of varieties of fits…

  6. I really like those shoes… they remind me of the black ones we got at Kohls. I think I wear blue a lot… but there is a lot of pink and red in there too. And I like to wear white. I’m looking for some white shorts right now, and tying to incorporate more green.

  7. I love those shoes…very cute and they look fun to wear. I don’t think I’ve every found anything at Marshall’s that worked for me. I probably have more blue than anything else in my closet, but I do have shirts of almost every color…to wear with my favorite black capris.

  8. I love the shoes and I love brown as much as you do. It reminds me of that movie “Nacho Libre” when he says his favorite color is “light tan”.

  9. what fance shoes!!! i bet those would work with a lot of things. you should ask carrie about her unconventional shoe purchase. they look more like stripper shoes if you ask me.and what fun to try on all those things!!! I would have such a hard time deciding. i wear a lot of black, white, and brown too!! I wear a lot of pink and blue too (well turquoise…) it sounds like we all go for the same things!!

  10. i thought these were so cute. nate saw them and said “i think those are very lindsay!” so you must have done the right thing by gettin’ them! with you and alli shopping, i feel like i need a trip! i’ve been spending all our chump change on workout related items!

  11. Those are cute shoes. I am in serious need of some new dressy type shoes. Well, any type of shoes really. I wear my tennis shoes almost every day. So sad. Anyway, I’m glad you had success-it’s always fun to get a few new things, especially when they’re on sale. I think my clothes are mostly in the reddish/pinkish category, but I also have blue and green. Pretty much all I wear for pants are jeans.

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