A Bright Idea

The other day I picked up a few things for my friend Nicole at Costco. When I saw her grocery list I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread so I asked her to send it to me so I could use it. I usually keep a notepad in the kitchen where I write down the things I need at the store. Before I go shopping I’ll add items for the week’s menu and then I’ll dissect the list by store. Despite my efforts, inevitably I come home from Costco or Walmart and realize that I’ve forgotten something that I usually buy from that store. Then I have to decide whether to make an extra trip back for that one item or spend a little more by buying it at HEB. Well, hopefully this will not happen to me anymore with Nicole’s template. Since I live in a city with a dearth of grocery stores I have 4 options, Costco , HEB, Walmart & Sun Harvest. So my list has 4 sections and under each store is an alphabetical list of the items that I usually buy there. So for example, Costco has flour, milk, eggs, tortillas, etc. And then others have more specific items like apples, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. So now all I do is print out the list and keep it downstairs…when I run out of something I put a check mark next to the item and then before I head to the store I take a quick inventory of the items on that store’s list. So for example, Costco, I would think through eggs, milk, cheese, tortillas, laundry detergent, etc. and determine whether I’d need any of those things in the next week, 2 weeks, however long it’ll be before I go to Costco again. There’s an Other section at the bottom for rare things and then some of the categories like Cereal have a space to fill in special types or the number of boxes I need. I used it for the first time last week and it worked GREAT. I’m definitely a list person so it was great to come across something to make even my lists more efficient!


8 thoughts on “A Bright Idea

  1. A list-maker. Truly your mother’s daughter. That list template sounds like a great idea. I did something similar back in the day because certain stores always have certain items at a cheaper price. Now I just go to Target. šŸ™‚

  2. That does sound like a good idea…except Steven and I are still trying to figure out budgeting and figuring out what’s the cheapest where…usually we’re so busy that I just go to the closest store in a hurry and get the stuff we need…but some day I’m sure I’d be able to make good use of that format. šŸ™‚

  3. that sounds like a really good idea. i’ve started dividing my shopping up (because, let’s be honest, even though i’d like to just walk to macey’s for everything, they’re a little expensive). something like that would be really useful!

  4. that sounds great! what a great idea. i shop opposite and less efficient then all of you. I havent really ever compared prices, but this is what goes through my head as I shop at Target, Walmart, or United:“oh crap they dont sell wolf chili or my favorite juice at target”“well, now I have to go to United cause I got that juice and wolf chili but United has the waffles and the cheese I like….”And on on and…

  5. That’s a great idea! I’m wondering though if I’m going to need multiple pages once we get moved in and there are a bunch of little shops I have to go to for different things. I’m going to have to do something.

  6. I think that’s a great idea! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed at all our grocery options here, but this would make it easier.

  7. I think that is a very good idea, but I find myself compromising on prices a lot more lately because I feel like the girls’ lives are wasting away while I run errands. I try to just consider what I need, and pick the store that sells the majority of it at the best price. However, I still end up forgetting things, so maybe I could use a modified version of this for myself because I like the idea.

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