For Ashley

A brief tutorial on one of life’s more mysterious processes….


8 thoughts on “For Ashley

  1. Yummy! I have been thinking about canning lately. I think I might buy a pressure canner this year. I’m looking forward to having things to can. Hopefully it works out that way!

  2. hahahaahahahahaha. wellllll…thank you. heaven forbid…i must have skipped that day in first grade when they taught us how to make pickles.

  3. Happy that you were able to do such a great visual demonstration for your sister. Grandpa and I had a good laugh when we remembered that she didn’t know where pickles came from. We never cease to be amazed at all of your culinary skills and desire to do your food storage.

  4. hahahahha, that’s wonderful. I’ve been wanting to make sweet pickles because I remember doing it in first grade and it was fun and not too hard. Lookin’ good girl, lookin’ good.

  5. I can never look at pickles the same way after Ashley’s story. I’m glad you got that done, i hope there’s some for us to taste in a few weeks.I also fondly remember the talk given in Conference a year or so ago (maybe Elder Bednar?) where the visual was pickles… it made me want to be a pickle, in a metaphorical sense.

  6. Ahem…surely between all your Youth Conference responsibilities you could find time to do a blog about your cabinets!! 😉

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