I usually run by myself…out of convenience and also practicality. I don’t run very far, I take safety precautions and I’m usually in populated areas so I’m comfortable running alone. However, after a news story today I’ve re-thought my solo status. There was a body found in the brush off a road near our house. The same road I’ve run many times. Yikes! When the radio first reported the story they said the body had been found on roads in my by the park. Later the “update” listed the exact location as just outside the subdivision. No matter what, I think I need to find a running partner and be a little more alert.


7 thoughts on “Scary

  1. oh my gosh!! that is scary!!! Ive just recently thinking that I need to start going to the gym instead of walking in my neighborhood cause of the scary stories that Lubbock has been having…and for the heat too! Definitely get a running buddy!

  2. That is exactly why I do not run or walk because I will not do it alone and have a hard time finding someone to do it with me. How scary!

  3. You definately need to run with someone! I walk with Mindy, the one who has the triplets, and sometimes it is scary for me to walk alone to the place where we meet. Even if you had to drive somewhere to meet someone from your ward, would be better than going by yourself.

  4. That is a scary and eye-opening story! Be careful. During the school year I walk with a friend at the church parking lot during seminary. There are usually people around then, but once we had a policeman tell us to go inside because someone had just robbed the convenience store around the corner. Sometimes I walk at the track at the high school, and there are usually lots of people there. Now I walk around the track at the recreation center, where it is air conditioned. 🙂 Whatever you do, be safe! It’s just too dangerous to go alone anymore! Do you live by a mall? Most malls open at 6:00 am for walkers.

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