Extreme Home Makeover: Cabinet Edition

You’re right. I should find time to blog about the cabinets. After finishing those, I went on a painting spree. I finished the downstairs and then with HappyMom’s help the gameroom was done before vacation. My introduction to Ralph Lauren’s “Tobacco Aging Glaze” has opened a whole new world for me. Stay tuned for future projects. But for now, I present to you, my new and improved cabinets (I was wanting to post a picture with all of the knobs on but since that has yet to happen this will have to do)….



13 Comments on “Extreme Home Makeover: Cabinet Edition

  1. oh how nice! Cant wait to see the new paint job! I love extreme makeover home edition!!ps- your kitchen is very clean!

  2. I’ve already seen the pictures and told you how much I liked them, but I’ll say it again since you blogged about it. 🙂 I love it! You did such a great job. Carrie is right, your kitchen is very clean. Also, I would like to see pictures of the other rooms you painted, and I would definitely like to know what this tobacco glaze is.

  3. oooh I love it!! it makes it look a lot different!!I want to see the painted rooms too!!PS- did you get my email about August?

  4. Wow! Looks great! Brightens up the room a lot and REALLy accents your awesome (and clean) countertops! Great job- can’t wait to see the paint!

  5. As I said when I saw them in person, I love the new look. I too would like to see how the rest of the painting jobs turned out. I’ll look forward to the next installment. You continually amaze me!

  6. They look great! I liked them before and all, but now they look fantastic. I am too afraid to try something like that because I would ruin them for sure! Talk about a far cry from the ‘ol Wymount cabinets.

  7. Just reitterating the comments already made: very clean kitchen (I’m jealous), great looking cabinets(jealous again) and what is tobacco glaze? Where do you get the energy to get so much done?

  8. I haven’t checked the blog in awhile but I have to say I LOVE how the cabinets turned out. I can’t wait to see them in person and I’m anxious to see what else you’ve done.

  9. WOW!! This is so beautiful!! I’ve never heard of tobacco glaze, but this is amazing. Seriously, you are so ambitious! Love love love it.

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