Thank Goodness Somebody’s Got Some Guts

I was ranting in a comment on Lisa’s blog so I decided to write one of my own. This week I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the radio and reading the paper, trying to learn more about the so-called “Economic Crisis” that we’re in. At the beginning of the week I was angry at the thought of such a huge government handout that will increase our taxes and saddle our children and grandchildren with a ton of debt. Now, at the end of the week, I’m fuming.

The more I learned about this ridiculous piece of legislation, the more frustrated I get because it doesn’t simply contain money for failing banks. As they’re negotiating an agreement, our “leaders” are sneaking in money or clauses for their own special projects or buddies. As if the largest government takeover in history isn’t enough. My tax dollars. Are you KIDDING ME?

I’m frustrated that the government set up regulations requiring lending institutions to give loans to people who couldn’t afford them. Though I feel for them, I’m mad at those people for getting loans that weren’t prudent and I’m mad at the companies for mis-managing them. But what I really can’t get over is the fact that no one wants to take responsibility and end the madness. We think we can just keep with the buy now and pay later philosophy that is rampant throughout society. It will be hard to keep a free, democratic government when half the population seems bent on socialism and entitlement. I’m not excited about the idea of a recession but the free market is a system that corrects itself. The reason that it works is because it ebbs and flows. If we don’t let it correct, the longer we go on trying to live in perma-prosperity, the harder we’ll eventually crash. I can remember money being tight when I was younger, our mom made most of our clothes. Today, I sew clothes and gifts for fun, not out of necessity. However, I’m not afraid of a rough time because hard things make us stronger, help us learn important lessons and most of all keep us humble.

So my gratitude is to the House Republicans who wouldn’t buckle under Pelosi and pass a ridiculous bill. Thank you for standing up for the taxpayers and letting everyone know there are other ways to cushion this economic blow. Thank you for suggesting a much less expensive plan that offers insurance for risky loans which leaves accountability with the companies. Thank you for leading and good luck working with those other dingbats out there who don’t seem to understand that the free market needs to drive our problem solving efforts. Please let people keep more of their own money to invest, free up some cash by limiting the capital gains tax or lowering corporate taxes. Let us invest more of our money and we’ll do it wisely. This may mean that we have some rough years but I honestly think that might do this country some good.


8 thoughts on “Thank Goodness Somebody’s Got Some Guts

  1. lindsay, i have gotten mad about this so many times in the past few weeks. i even have used curse words in my frustration with the economy, and with the even more frustrating realization that i don’t completely understand what is happening and why. i get the overall idea, but there are so many parts of our market that i don’t understand, aside from understanding the basics in high school economy! i say thank goodness, but i am also scared about recession since obviously nate will be trying to get a job within the next year. nate was saying something the other day about how maybe this is why we’ve been encouraged so much lately to save $ and grow our food storage, and that frustrates me so much because we can’t even afford that. i feel like this recession junk, if that’s what it turns into, has come at such a bad time for people like me and nate who are getting out of college and have no money, and it really scares and frustrates me. so there, i just ranted also =)

  2. Well said. I’m glad we’ve started learning skills and such that will benefit us should hard times come. I’m letting you sew ALL my jeans. đŸ™‚

  3. Who’s sewing jeans? Did someone say they’d sew me some jeans? That’d be XL please, my booty AND stomach are growing. Aha, j/k.Gotta love Pork Barrel Spending. When I think of the root of this problem, besides people being accountable…I think we would also be much better off if banks didn’t run themselves so much like businesses…they should want to attract people’s money, but I know some of those people were probably sold deals that they truly thought they could make good on. Banks should probably work better to realistically educate their clientelle. Anyways…all I know right now is that FAFSA is the answer to prayers and I’m loving the way government handles mula for that at least.

  4. I know, it’s horrible! Ryan and I have been having a ton of discussions about why this is completely the wrong solution. Cross your fingers it doesn’t pass.

  5. Amen, and AMEN! You hit the nail on the head. Who does the goverment think they are? I guess Tyler & I should have bought a house a last year when we couldn't afford it and then let the goverment bail us out, right? JUST KIDDING. I thought everyone had common sense like us: if you can't pay for it, you can't own it. DUH!Great post!

  6. Lindsay, I totally agree with you, I’m just sad that I didn’t read this until it is already a done deal. As if we needed any MORE evidence that our system of government is on the brinks!

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