What’s Growing On Around Here…

So while most of my family members are wrapping up gardening for the year, here in San Antonio we’re just getting started on a new season. Here are a few things we’ve got growing right now…

Oranges-they’re SO good!

(Please pay no attention to the fried grass which is definitely having trouble growing right now 🙂

Tomatoes-Still waiting for these fall ones to ripen

Peppers that are filling the freezer

Plumbago-in all it’s fall glory

Ritchie’s Muscles-from doing so much biking

And this little one…12 weeks and counting


22 thoughts on “What’s Growing On Around Here…

  1. HURRAH! 12 Weeks! And, what is plumbago? I have no idea. My tomatoes all froze and are dead now. I’m going to do some grapes from grandma and grandpa, and then that will be the end of my food preservation efforts for this year. Thank goodness we don’t grow all year round here!

  2. oh my goodness yay!! what an exciting milestone!! and those oranges do look good! ps- our grass is fried too. (at least yours is cut, ours looks like a forrest…)

  3. Look at that growing little M&M! It's getting so big! YAY! 12 weeks- I can't believe it! Though, their date is way off on the bottom- I'm pretty sure it's still 2008. 🙂 Your garden looks beautiful! Those oranges look so good I want to grab one off my monitor! (Wouldn't that be so cool!)

  4. Woo hoo for 12 weeks! Look at your cute little blob, tehe. I think I can make out a few things, but I could be totally wrong. This was a cleverly done blog also…and are you sure that’s not just ritchie’s chubalublub growing? Trying to look like muscles? 🙂 Tell him I said that. And that orange tree made me laugh! Don’t get offended, but it looks so funny because it’s so little and those big oranges are hangin’ off of it! I knew what plumbago was! In fact…every time I see it…which is I guess when we’re just in San Antonio…I say, “hmm, plumbago” and then I giggle a little because it’s a funny word. I like that flower. And I’m jealous of all of your growing food. Love you!

  5. oranges! yum!! Was that on Ritchies ride to Chorpus? Im so glad you posted a pic of the little one. I was just wondering how many weeks you were!! Not too long and you will be posting belly pics too!! yay!!!

  6. Hey that was a cute idea! Your oranges look great. I went to a pumpkin patch the other day and you won’t believe the gardens they had. Local grown produce. Congrats again! I still feel bad we never made it out to celebrate. And that I didn’t go to the game to see you. Talk to ya soon. Sarah

  7. I am so glad that you posted! I have been wanting to tell you congrats since Richie told us but didn’t want to out you! I am so happy for you guys! Let me know if I can do anything to help. I know the first couple months are pretty miserable!

  8. All is growing well at the Millers I see, love the new photo of “Miracle Baby”, won’t be long now before we know whether to say him or her. The oranges, tomatoes and peppers look great and the plumbago beautiful. Love you!

  9. Hey! Good trick! I even gasped out loud at the last picture. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard for a long long time. Congratulations. Lots of updates, please!!! Hooooooray!

  10. Those oranges look so good! As Lisa said we have been doing grapes–31 quarts of juice and two batches of jam will complete the canning season for me this year. Grandpa also harvested about 30 lbs. of potatoes from his little patch! We are proud of our granddaughters and there ability to get their food storage. Love YOU!

  11. tricky little way to slip that last one in there! 🙂 It really is weird to think you have things just ripening, while I’ve stripped my garden just in the nick of time (as the snow was falling on that day you guys were here at the BYU game!) It was so fun to see you guys!

  12. Yay!!!! What a clever way to announce your news. So when is your due date? How have you been feeling? I am very, very excited for you and Ritchie. Congrats!

  13. Well, I know I am really , really behind in my blog reading, but I am so excited to see a photo of your little one. How exciting! I’m excited to see you this weekend!

  14. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I was just about to comment on what the heck Plumbago is, but this takes the cake!!! Congrats, congrats. That is SO exciting! So if you were 12 weeks… when is your due date? What week are you on now? Man, I’m so behind on my blogs!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. So excited you’re pregnant! I’ve been asking Derrick if you were expecting, and we thought if we didn’t hear any news, maybe it was because the news was disappointing, but YAY! Take care of yourself. I wish you a safe, wonderful pregnancy, and a fast, easy delivery!

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