October Weekend #1

Cycling enthusiast that he’s become, Ritchie trained for months for his Bike to the Beach. It’s an annual 2-day bike ride from here to Corpus Christi totaling 150ish miles. He started bright and early Saturday morning and rode on the highway shoulder from the AT&T Center to this college in Beeville, TX. I was surprised at how big the campus was for a little town. I just missed seeing him finish the first leg of the ride so I had him stand under the sign instead.

He’s been training twice a week with a team sponsored by the local broadcaster, Clear Channel. It was pretty sweet because we got to hang out in the Corporate tent all day. The free tent amenities included All-we-could-eat Pappasitos, snacks galore, waterbottles, sunglasses clips, t-shirts, and 3 massage therapists (the only thing just for riders). Apparently, this is what a cycling champion eats after riding 90 miles:

(chips & queso)

Everything was very well-orchestrated. The gyms were open for riders to set up sleeping bags on the floor. The locker rooms were open for showers and bathroom use. The cafeteria was open the next morning for breakfast. We actually just camped out in the back of our truck overnight. It was pretty fun but next time we’re going to try foam mats. It was kinda tough to wedge our two air mattresses in between the wheel wells. We were both pretty tired so after a few rounds of farkle we hit the hay. Ritchie bid farewell to Beeville the next morning at 7:30 with a bizillion other people.

(just left of the closest flag)

And then he rode…

And rode…
(“drafting” third from the back)

Until finally:


7 thoughts on “October Weekend #1

  1. Way to go Ritchie! That’s so great! Steven will probably drool when he reads this, you guys will have to do one together…to bad he’s a pansy (if you read this Steven, I love you 🙂 and couldn’t take the cold while you were here. 🙂 That’s awesome though! I’m glad you got your chub-a-lub-lub in gear!!!

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