October Weekend #2

We spent a quick week(me)/weekend(RJ) in Utah. We enjoyed seeing family and we missed seeing friends but this trip was a full one :). I stayed with G&G one night and got to eat peaches, raspberries, and perfect homemade bread to my heart’s content. After a quick drive south I saw this little one dancin’ her heart out:

I couldn’t give her and her sister enough lovin’. Those girls are so cute~

Heids and I had many adventures just the two of us-a trip up to “the BYU” to meet up with Ash and Tyler and a sleepover at Ash & Nate’s.

We all visited Tyler in his dorm, we went to the Creamery for dessert and I got to watch Steven and Nate play intermurals at 9 pm…it brought back fun memories-those were the days.

One of our more comical moments was observing Ashley’s parking methods when she’s nervous about dinging the fancy car…

Ritchie had a seminar Friday and we got to visit Chris, Heather and the kids that afternoon/evening. We had a fun time playing in their fort, eating pizza and playing statue. (Heather, how did I not get any pictures??)

On Saturday we went to the BYU game which was fun-more from the company than from how the Cougs played. My sisters just buy tickets and then sit wherever they want so we gave it a try since all of us had tickets in different spots. Though I nervously eyed everyone who walked up to section FF, we weren’t bothere the whole time. I was glad we did it :).

After the game and fight through traffic, we stopped in at Nielsen’s for dinner & custard…it was good!

This is what we found the next morning as we spent a fun day with Uncle Mark & Aunt Heidi:

It was pretty great, we got to see fall & winter in one trip.

Finally, on my last night we celebrated with some home-made carmel apples. You’ll notice Ariel there in the background wearing her bathing suit while the rest of us are in jeans and sweatshirts. She’s a kick.

It was a terrific trip-we came home feeling relaxed and grateful for the chance to visit.


12 thoughts on “October Weekend #2

  1. Hahaha, Ashley and Steven look special in that picture at Nielson’s custard. Real special. We were so glad you guys came and that we could spend time with you, wish it could have been longer. Love you.

  2. sounds like a great week! I can’t believe it snowed. They are so lucky. It is still 85 degrees here… and I was worried about not fitting in my coats. I wish they could send some cold weather our way!!!

  3. What a great time we had!! It went so fast, but I am so glad you were able to fit us in your busy schedule. Who was that kid laying in the parking lot?

  4. You know that weekend you were here is the ONLY cold weather we have had so far this season! I guess the snow came just for you guys! (but I’m sure glad for good weather for trick or treating!)

  5. It was great having you with us if only for a short time. We missed being with all of you at the end of the week, but we enjoyed celebrating our 52 years of togetherness in St. George. Love YOU!

  6. what a fun trip! snow…what is that again? that game looked freezing but im sure it was fun!!That picture of the parking job is hilarious. At first I thought it was serious until I saw Ashley’s comment!! Im sure ive done that before too!

  7. Oh my goodness. You sisters are all so beautiful! I can’t believe how much you all look alike. Reading this post makes me miss you and 232 and Provo and everything BYU. šŸ˜¦

  8. Ryan and I were just talking about how we would kill to go to a BYU football game this year. Lucky you! I bet it was fun to be back in Utah and walk down memory lane.

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