A New Day

Alli was surprised that I hadn’t posted anything about the election so here it is:

I’m giving President Elect Obama the benefit of the doubt. I hope he’s true to his word about being everyone’s president. I’ll support him and express my opinion when I disagree. I’m hopeful that he can have a positive impact on our country. He has a lot of strengths and positive characteristics…I really think he can be a uniter.

I was disappointed but not surprised that McCain lost (that’s who I begrudgingly voted for). I hope people have learned that you can’t elect a candidate you think others will vote for. You have to have a nominee you personally believe in and will stand up for. I’m even more disappointed in the McCain’s (staff’s) disparaging remarks about Sarah Palin. Throwing the running mate (that he chose) under the bus only makes him look more pathetic.

I listened to several interviews and I was surprised by some people’s reactions. One woman said “I never thought this day would come, I won’t have to worry about my car payment, my mortgage, if I support him, he’ll take care of me.” I’m kind of looking forward to the reaction of these people when they realize he simply can’t deliver that.

I think it’ll be fun to see little kids in the White House.

I listened to several people who were so relieved and gratified to have an African American President. Throughout the campaign I’ve been annoyed by all references to race but when I listened to these ladies I realized I may be naive. One woman was relieved that an African American man would live in the White House that was built by slaves. She said she thinks of those slaves everyday when she passes by. Really? You think of slavery everyday? Another woman said that “all of that” (slavery) is forgiven with the election of Obama. I don’t know what it’s like to think of your ancestors in that position. I don’t know what it’s like to feel oppressed because of injustices incurred years ago. However, it sounds like there are people who do know what that feels like even today and that makes me sad. If Obama becoming president really does heal that hurt and recompense that wrong, then I’ll happily endure an Obama Presidency for the well-being of those Americans. There was a famous compromise years ago to enable our country to survive by allowing slavery to continue. I’ll happily make a compromise today if it will finally end that slavery.

I was relieved to find that Prop 8 had passed in CA. I’m grateful to all of the people who worked hard to see that it passed. What a blessing to know that there are so many courageous people who are willing to stand up for traditional marriage during a time when it is increasingly harder to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


11 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Wonderful thoughts as always Linds. Whatever else we may be Americans tend to be survivors. Hopefully Mr. O will surround himself with good advisors and truly will strive to be the president of all his countrymen…and I’m not going to try to be pc about that last word.

  2. I agree with you. I voted liberatarian this year because that’s where my beliefs tend to line up, and I think it’s time to start voting for your beliefs, instead of giving a vote to a person you’re not sure about, just because they have a better chance. (I don’t mean you specifically, I mean us in general). That being said, I am open minded and optimistic, and definitely believe that every person (especially every president) should have a chance to prove themselves before I start bashing. 🙂 Great post- it really makes you think!

  3. I can’t believe what that dumb lady said. What was she thinking? If she thinks that she doesn’t have to worry about responsibilities just because Obama is president, he sure duped her with his campaign… Anyway, I’m glad you’re optimistic. I should be too.

  4. I too was not surprised with the outcome, but was hopeful for someone else to win. I’m having a really hard time with some of the racial things people say against Obama. But Im also having a hard time with some of the things he himself says. That is crazy what that lady said. Believe me, if I thought I wouldnt have to worry about paying my bills,I wouldve voted for him! Oh well, I voted. That was all I could do! I’ve already heard a lot of people say that he will be assasinated. THis makes me sad. I dont want those little girls to grow up without their daddy. Sorry its so long!!

  5. It is sort of annoying to hear what some people who voted for him thought he would do for them… I hope so too,about Obama. And I also think it will be fun to see kids in the White House.

  6. I too was surprised at how calm I felt when Obama won… nothing like the sorrow I felt when Romney lost. I of course knew it would happen, but I was also overcome with emotion to realize the significance of having and African American president and what that must mean to so many… a validation. My only thought was that I wish that it was an African American who I could feel better about, and not have this historical moment be marred by my oposing beliefs and values to his. But my greatest feeling was this, that Heavenly Father is still in charge. That gave me the greatest peace. And yes, I actually was more concerned with Prop. 8 and went to bed very stressed that it was so close and undecided. My faith and courage have been strengthend as I watch how the various christian religions have pulled together and fought for religious freedom, and no longer focus on our differences in theology. there are a lot of glimmers of light in the darkness of our world today, and I have much joy in seeing the strength and perspective of the children.

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