Election Addiction

So I was listening to the radio (a country station because talk radio stresses me out now) and they were talking about this new phenomenon. Anyone else heard of it? I really wish there was a 12 step program or something. This whole week I’ve felt a little lost without election polls, issues, and results. I know I had an unhealthy addiction to talk radio before but I always rationalized that I just used it for background noise throughout the day. For all my rhetoric about being sick and tired of the campaigning I sure do miss it. I better bulk up my podcast subscriptions…anybody listen to any good ones?


8 thoughts on “Election Addiction

  1. I got too sick of the elections farther back to suffer the same things as you…and also hearing stuff so much in my classes! I think sometimes I get too caught up in International News and don’t think about what’s happening at home enough…as it got closer to the elections I realized that…although I still got a healthy dose. I also find that I spend too much time watching TV if I flip on CNN when I’m home so I try to leave it off or limit my time whenever I do…I would recommend you start listening to Christmas music if you haven’t already. 🙂 The Michael Buble CD is so good. Or the conference talks! Love you!

  2. My blood has been boiling lately when I listen to talk radio too. Used to LOVE love love it, but all this talk of bailing out GM (WHAT?!?!) and every other corporation or person who stands in line is bugging me to no end. Amen to everyone else who says turn on the Christmas music. Great idea!!

  3. I’m still listening to Rush and Sean whenever I can. But you can always listen to Christmas music, or anything on the church’s archives…women’s conference, byu devotionals, etc.

  4. my radio has definately turned from talk radio to christmas music, and I have to say I am much more calm and happy 🙂My mom of course keeps me posted on all the nonsense that is going on in calif. now that people have actually forgotten that our country is based on THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! But this is again, more blood pressure raising and less enjoyable than preparing for the joy of the christmas season.

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