We had a fun time with our families. We spent most of the week at RJ’s house with his brothers who’d come into town and his sister who lives closeby. We love being an aunt and uncle…

We also got to see a certain Screaming Gopher play some great soccer in a game where she got “a lot of kicks.” It was a cold day so she was resourceful in using her socks for extra warmth.

We watched the customary Thanksgiving football and this year there was a small man who knew exactly what he was doing….watching “fuhball.”

I had my camera to take a picture of HappyMom and I waiting outside Kohls at 3:30 am on Black Friday but I forgot. We had a fun morning shopping and overall it was a great week!


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. that last picture is too funny, all the different things going on. Looks like a fun holiday!!! I cant believe you got up that early. To me Black Friday is my room being pitch black while I sleep in 🙂

  2. Fun to see pictures of the kids we don’t get to see too often. I’m jealous you went shopping! I’ve never done the early morning day-after-thanksgiving thing. Maybe next year!When do we get to see a picture of the baby bump?

  3. I love the photos, I was hoping you weren’t at the bottom of that pileup! Can’t wait to watch that cute little Screaming Gopher myself. Little Man looks great there with his dad, the view of things to come!

  4. well FINALLY you post something. I just am obsessed with those soccer pictures…Aubs is SOOO cute!! I wish so badly I could watch her play. I keep telling Stevo this little one is going to play soccer (and it sure seems like she will the nights she keeps me up kicking). Anyways…I’m glad you posted again. And your blog looks super cute.

  5. FINALLY!Oh my. I wish I could come home so so so so so badly. I love your pictures, it looks like you all had a great time. =) I really need to see that little lady, and little man, I miss them so much.

  6. Looks like a great weekend! I missed your company, but I didn’t miss getting up at 3:00 AM. Glad you got what you wanted and you didn’t get trampled!

  7. Really quiet here early on Black Friday. I think we need you and your mother here to get us up and going. Ben said Audrey missed the excitement of early morning shopping this year as she had a great time with us last year. I did get Grandpa to go with me at 10:30, but by then the crowds were minimal except for Joann’s where the lines were unbelievable. Needless to say we walked in and right out. I got a better deal on flannel at WalMart and didn’t have to wait hours in line. Love You!

  8. No way – 3:30am for Black Friday – you are amazing. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Lots of blessings for you this year. Can’t wait to hear what this little one will be! You find out this month, right?

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