Well, I tried…

You may remember my yogurt challenge from a few months ago. Two of my sisters took me up on it and are now making stellar yogurt. I, on the other hand, had a few things come up so I recently completed my maiden batch. It wasn’t exactly a smashing success:

Luckily even watery-looking yogurt can be used in baking (a tip from Lisa). Since it is homemade, I was counseled to test it by tasting a little and then making sure sickness does not ensue. RJ rightly assumed his taste-tester role in our yogurt production and I’m afraid this “sour, burned-tasting” yogurt isn’t going to make anywhere but the disposal…

Oh well, better luck next time.


10 thoughts on “Well, I tried…

  1. Haha. Let me know when you perfect it, because I’m interested in learning.Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I didn’t see the movie yet…what did you think?? My sister saw it and was pleasantly surprised. She liked it’s style. She’s convinced I’ll like it.

  2. I’m impressed that you tried to make yogurt. Even though I’m sure it’ ‘self-reliant’ to make, I’d rather buy it for 50 cents at the store. That way I don’t put time into it, and at least I know it will taste good!

  3. Did you coach Ritchie to pull a face like that for the camera or was that his real face? It’s hilarious! I think I will stick to Yoplait too.

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