A Little Announcement…


10 thoughts on “A Little Announcement…

  1. YAY! Poor little Andrew! But I’m sad- I was wrong. 😉 It’s bad for my tick-book- I have to keep track. Congratulations though- sooo exciting! Any names yet?

  2. Hoooray for little girls!!! And, I must say that you have such a trim, shapely, elf figure, despite being pregnant. Looking good!

  3. Congrats! Girls are so great and so fun to dress. There’s cute tights and headbands and cute boots and cute everything, really. I’m so happy for you!

  4. YAY! Congrats again on the girl!! Annie was sitting here on my lap while I watched this and she was furiously doing the sign for PLEASE. I don’t know if she was begging me to let her get in on the disco elf action or what, but she was loving it too! What a creative way to announce the gender! love it!xoxo

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