The bottom of a box…

RJ and I were married the summer my Great Grandpa Bert passed away. Among other things we received some Christmas decorations that he and my Grama Niece used:

I’m assuming she made these but I don’t know anything else about them. I’m hoping for some enlightenment from my wiser relatives (Note: if you tell me these are from Alice and not Grama I will cry). Did she use them regularly? Did they have a specific place where they were displayed? These are among my favorite things to hang each Christmas and this year I found the perfect place for them…the flower in the laundry room was theirs too.

And then I always smile with a sense of nostalgia when I get out this box of their lights and though it’s seen better days I can’t bring myself to replace this little bit of family history:

I love that it’s a popcorn box because it reminds me of the Jiffy Pop we had when we went camping and even at their house sometimes. If you look closely, the picture on the right has 2 sets of handwriting on it.

This year I pulled out the newspaper from the bottom of the box and discovered these things underneath it:

Before I threw them away I took a picture because along with the newspaper, I felt like I’d found a little time capsule. It’s just random things- lights, light covers, a smashed ribbon, a holly berry but I wonder about those things. I imagine they accumulated over time and to me they represent happy Christmases among those I love and miss. Though our house doesn’t have many fancy decorations, it’s important to me that most of the beautiful things we surround ourselves by remind us of our family.


12 thoughts on “The bottom of a box…

  1. I love that these things are nostalgic for you. I loved seeing that handwriting on the popcorn box. I don’t remember specific spots for those decorations but don’t worry, they weren’t Alice’s, I’m pretty sure of that.

  2. Oh I’m so so so jealous that you have these things. I wish I had one thing, anything from Grandma and Grandpa’s like that. I don’t have anything of theirs and really wish I did. You are lucky!I know what you mean, wanting to hold on to all of these things. It keeps them here with us, doesn’t it?

  3. Wow. I’m pretty sure your Grandma and my Grandma were in the same craft-making club because she made the exact same things. Seriously, that tree is a perfect replica of the ones she made. Grandmas are the best.

  4. Dear Lindsay, I shed some tears as I read this blog. My mother ALWAYS made Christmas special for me. She has been gone 18 years now and I still miss her special touch. She did make the plastic Christmas tree and I think it hung in the hallway. The white crocheted piece was made by one of her dear friends and hung on the front door. I am so happy that you have those mementos. I would love to know what the date on the newspaper was. Love YOU!

  5. I'm so jealous too! The best Christmas decorations are the ones with memories and people tied to them…which is why I love that G&G give us Christmas decorations each year. Great blog.

  6. I loved this blog too! I have the exact tree that Grandma made and personally gave to me! I remember she let me pick which one I wanted, as she had made a couple of them. You can see it hanging in my house when you come. I also remember the ribbon one. I love pulling out Christmas decorations, as most of them all have a special memory.

  7. what a great trip down memory lane!!! How fun to have such good memories and such great pieces of art. you will treasure them always!

  8. I love your nostalgiability (your ablity to be nostalgic)! What a tender post. Thanks for sharing!And thanks for your Christmas card too! It was a great update, and CONGRATS on the baby GIRL!!! WOO-hoo!! More estrogen for the Seil family. I LOVE it!!xoxo

  9. I am glad you kept the jiffy pop box, and that you have those things. The things that are most special to me are the things that our grandmas and grandpas have made or owned and I hang them with pride every Christmas.

  10. What a great post! I just love looking at some of our decorations and ornaments and reminiscing about their original owners–usually my mom or Grandma Barbara. I keep thinking I should pass some of them on before I forget who gave them to me!

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