24 Weeks: The Belly Shot

Just kidding…that’s Ritchie’s 5 month belly shot. Here’s mine:

We both agree that I’m carrying this kid in my bottom, arms, chest, thighs. She’s in there though. This week we’ve been entertained by watching my stomach move when she kicks. We’re getting more and more excited.

11 thoughts on “24 Weeks: The Belly Shot

  1. Yeah, it was a pretty hairy arm, allbeit rather convincing belly. 🙂 It’s sooo cool when you can actually SEE the baby move- Laura was VERY good at making herself seen, especially after I had garlic bread. Woot! Love the pregnant bellies~!

  2. You look radiant and glowing! I don’t know why they attribute these adjectives to pregnant women actually. But I think you look great! You belly seems small for 5 months, but maybe that’s because I had big kids. Keep up the great incubation work!

  3. ahahahahaha, nice one ritchie maybe you should take that chub-a-lub-lub for a run….As for you Linds, you’re lookin’ good..and I get so distracted in my classes watching and feeling her move around, it’s so fun!

  4. You do look small and that is the way to go as long as possible!! Way to go for researching. I just experiment on my kids, so your little girl sure is lucky. Any name ideas?

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