I’m Looking for your Best-Ever Youth Conference Ideas

I’ll take anything…

*What the conference entailed
*Why you liked it
*What the objectives were, etc.

We’re trying to come up with some preliminary ideas so we can take them to our youth committee. I know this seems backwards but last year we spent an entire meeting (and we only have 5 before youth conference) dithering around because the youth didn’t come with ideas and we just had vague ones. So we’re going to put a few on the table to help them get going. Thanks for your ideas!


8 thoughts on “I’m Looking for your Best-Ever Youth Conference Ideas

  1. you know, i’m not going to lie, i dislike most of my youth conferences. natedog, on the other hand, i’m sure was the life of the party at his. i’ll ask him what he remembers.

  2. My most favorite and memorable youth conference was the year that OUR ward pranked each other so much that they then shortened the conference from 3 nights to 1 night and the youth were no longer permitted to stay together. Thats how its been every year since….and I beleive that was 1998.I dont even remember what youth conference was actually about. Ill have to think on it for you…

  3. Yes but she needs ideas…Karl and I didn’t even have youth conference when we were growing up. One thing they did one year here was a wilderness youth conference where they did a bunch of team building activities and self discovory activities. They made ’em work all day with just one orange as food and then took em out one by one at night and made them ahem allowed them to contemplate their relationship with Heavenly Father out under the stars all by themselves (it was at a boy scout camp about 90 miles from here). Whilst out on their own, they got to read letters from mom and dad telling them what good kids they were.

  4. My favorite Y.C. was when we did The Game of Life (like the board game). It was super complex, and I’m trying to remember all the details, but we did things like get married, had kids, collected money, went to college, worked different careers, etc. (not in that order). So it was all about our CHOICES and how they affect us for the rest of our lives and for eternity. We even had to “PAY” for our meals and snacks with some of the money that we earned. It was over the course of 3 days, so they went SUPER in-depth. It was intertwined with lots of speakers and service projects (I think you even made money when you chose to do a service project! Ha!), but also a ton of fun. I remember that they had lots of ways you could spend your money…ie. there were hairdressers and nail salons, carnivals, or you could do crafts, or spend it on college so you could make more money, you had to pay for diapers if you had babies, etc. Then, at the very end, we all walked into the chapel with our “spouse” and at the door, they collected all of our money, candy, etc. and all we were left with was each other, the knowledge that we had gained (esp. if we went to “college”), and our testimony of the gospel. It ended with a big testimony meeting. If this doesn’t make sense, feel free to call me. It definitely took a TON of planning and prep, but all of the youth STILL remember what an impact it had on them.I’m pretty sure I’ve seen links to similar things on websites like theideadoor.com. Maybe they could clear things up a little bit more?AlyssaGood luck!

  5. My favorite one was when we had someone (a Prof. from BYU) come and do a Passover Seder since it was kind of in the Spring. I thought it was really cool. I don’t know if you’d be able to do that or not but it really had an impression on me. I’ll try and think of some more but that’s the first one that pops into my head.

  6. Umm, to be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot of my youth conferences. I got sick during the Wilderness one and missed like half of it, and was working during the ones where the pranking was going on. (I wasn’t even there and still got rice krispies in my bed and thrown in the pool- go figure)One we did a bunch of service projects- I wasn’t too keen on that. Don’t know why. Annnnd, the other, I couldn’t tell you if it was posted on this screenSorry- not much help. Guess they didn’t make them memorable enough for us. 😦

  7. I only went to one, but it was a Pioneer Trek. I don’t know how common or over-used this idea is, but I LOVED IT! We had handcarts, provisions for food, and we climbed all around through trees, up hills, even waist-deep through a river. Part-way through, the men were called off to war. Then later, someone was chosen to be hurt and pulled in the cart. It was SO HARD, but such an amazing experience. I’m thankful this was the one that I got to be a part of.

  8. My favorite youth conference ever was when we went to a ranch and did ranchish things. This probably really doesn’t help, but it was fun to spend a lot of time outside and in a ranch atmosphere:)

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