Post Script

So these past few days RJ and I have had the flu. I have been infinitely grateful for the few extra pounds this body has packed on because I could hardly drink, let alone eat anything. So from now on I’ll trust that nature knows what it’s doing and I’ll remember that the extra bulk can, indeed, come in handy.


11 thoughts on “Post Script

  1. Drat! I should have known when I didn’t see you online that yours was lasting longer than you thought it was going to. I hope you’re feeling at least a little better. Love you! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Oh man! That sounds like no fun. I don’t know what you mean with this “extra bulk” stuff. I thought you looked great in your last picture!

  3. oh goodness! I hope you get feeling better…I’ve been dreading getting sick with the flu or cold while being sick so I feel real bad for you! Get better soon, love you!

  4. There was no place to comment on the ballet video, but oh my goodness that was SO FUNNY. I was laughing so hard!!! Thanks for posting that. Ritchie, I never knew you had it in you….

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