Ritchie’s First Ballet Recital

I think he’s got promise…

Dang I got Moves


15 thoughts on “Ritchie’s First Ballet Recital

  1. You never know what you will find on You-Tube!! How long did you take lessons?! When we stop laughing we will appreciate it a lot more! Mark says to keep your day job!

  2. Dangit, we can’t get youtube…we’ll have to check it out at Ash and Nate’s…then again I’m sure seeing Ritchie’s chub-a-lub-lub in a leotard will be scarring so maybe we’d rather not…

  3. Oh my gosh! I finally got to Ashley’s so I could watch this, the tears are running down my face I’m laughing so hard. That’s way more funny than me dancing with 40 Indian guys. Way to be a good sport Richard!

  4. oh.my.goodness. all I can say is at least you got a green tutu on…i can just picture you practicing that for hours at night in front of the bathroom mirror…that was really tender…

  5. by the way…this needs to be saved so that little girl of yours can see it one day…maybe she could even be as good a ballerina as her daddy…(pffff….)

  6. That was awesome!! I called Kevin in from the other room to watch. We were laughing out loud. Good thing you found your softer side before you have your little girl. Hopefully she never grows into her Daddy’s tutu.

  7. Wow–speechless. This was awesome!! I think my favorite part was the coordinated ball passing. What talent!! 🙂 Nice muscle flexes at the end, guys! Thanks for the laughs.

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