Making Progress

In an effort to stick with my New Year’s Resolution (to appreciate the process and not just the completion) and because Lisa keeps requesting them, I’m posting a few pictures of my current projects…

A while back my friend Emily helped me to arrange some stuff on the walls. We came up with a plan to finish each arrangement and a few weeks ago I knocked that out. Above the piano I added those square wooden things. I picked out and painted the frames around the “family” wallhanging in my entryway niche. The black frames are funny because I spent months looking for uniform black frames that I liked and could afford. Then one day two things occurred to me…1) I could paint any frame black and 2) they didn’t all need to be the same frame. That stroke of genius helped me to finish this project up. I’m happy with it.

Thanks to my great friends Emily & Cindi and a creative streak I didn’t know I had, I’m so excited about this room! We finished painting the walls and we’re going to add some silk flowers and RJ is going to work on the chair rail. Our crib came in yesterday and the dresser is due to arrive soon so hopefully we’ll be put together in another week or two.

And finally, thanks to my great friends Amy & Cindi my bedroom is sporting “Twilight Grey” (with a white band at the roof angle…enlarge to see) and I’m loving it! I’m still looking for a curtain rod to match our furniture and so I can put up the white voile panels I got. I’m also waiting for RJ to hang Ashley’s portrait of Timp for me over the bed. It’s so great, I feel like I’m sleeping in some sort of resort every night. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. oooh! I love it! I’m glad you finally found some of those square decorative things because I remember you looking for them while you were here last fall. I love the bedding in your room and the color of the walls. AND, Miracle Miller’s room is looking WAY cute. I love the paint, and the vines are super cute. You’re making me look bad for contemplating bringing my baby home to a boring, beige room…:) Nice work on everything!! And, thanks for the pictures.

  2. cuuuuuute! You have done a lot! And you finally posted pictures! I really love your bedding, too. It all looks so nice and fresh. I’m excited to see the finished room.

  3. I’m glad you posted those pics! I’m excited to see it in person soon! The baby’s room looks really cute… Speaking of which, Aubrey asks me every night how much bigger your baby is tonight. Thanks in part to you (and our other two pregnant/postpartum sisters), I have had a lot of unexpected pregnancy and birth conversations with Aubrey, I’d like you to know. 🙂

  4. Oh everything looks so good!! I especially love the baby’s room! Cant wait to see the finished product.THanks for posting a belling shot. You look good. You dont look 33 weeks though. Im sure you feel it though haha!

  5. I always knew you were creative, and now I think you must have some designer gene or something too! It looks wonderful! I love all of it! I wish I could see it in person!

  6. Oh my gosh Lindsay! I LOVE it all!! That niche is the perfect place for that family setup. And the babies room looks super and I cannot wait to see it in its completion!!! Love the new bedroom! Great job cousin!

  7. Oh man, this all looks so cute! I love the whirly touches on the stripes in the baby’s room, way to go! I really like your bedroom too, it’s very calming…and you really spiced it up with my favorite kind of accessories! (the pillows on the bed…I love decorating with pillows). The pictures on the walls look really good too…I ended up doing the same mis-matching frame thing on my wall with that rod thing because I thought it added a cute touch anyways. And it’s easier because you don’t have to find a bunch of the same frames! Everything looks so great, glad you got so much done. Love you!

  8. what an adorable nursery! I don’t know what is wrong with me, but eventhough I’d like Ethan to arrive any day now (wishfull thinking) I don’t even have anywhere for him to sleep!! NEVER have I ever not had a crib up by now!

  9. Looks really good! And you are looking great yourself. Can’t wait to see the little one, you are getting close. My sister’s IVF worked she is almost 8 weeks.

  10. You have done such a great job with all of your creative touches! Wish we could see it in person, but…….I love the pink stripes and know that it must have been a tedious job but well worth the effort. You are looking great!! Love YOU!

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