Dressed by Daddy

Let me start out by saying that Ritchie is turning out to be the husband/daddy of my dreams. He has taken on the lion’s share of housework after a hard day at work. He is very attentive to my needs as well as Jessica’s. He’s patient with me and Jess and it’s fun to watch the two of them interact-I am so grateful for him. He has proven to be a champ when it comes to getting little arms into small “sack of pajama” sleeves but he has had some trouble when it comes to diapers and bloomers as illustrated by the following two dialogues.

A little background-I change almost all the diapers. Ritchie had a bad experience the second night she was home (read: pee and poop everywhere) so he’s been hesitant to take on this task except in cases of emergency. It’s fine by me because he doesn’t hesitate to do the dishes, laundry, cleaning and shopping so I don’t mind the diapers.

Ritchie: “I had a really hard time getting her diaper on, I think maybe they’re too small.”

Lindsay: “Oh really, the package says they work for infants up to ten pounds.”

Ritchie: “Well, I think she needs some new ones.”

A few hours later:

Lindsay: “What the !?”
“Um, babe, the diapers might fit better if you put them on the right way…”

We have to leave for church fairly early andwe’re not getting a ton of sleep these days. So last Sunday we snoozed the alarm until we had just enough time to feed Jess, get ready and get to church. I fed the baby while Ritchie got ready and but that meant he needed to dress her while I got ready. When I set her clothes out the night before I’d been disappointed to find that her cute little dress didn’t come with bloomers. I checked a few other outfits and found some white bloomers so I figured we’d just use those. As I dashed to the shower, feeling a little sad that I didn’t have time to dress Jess, I left her with Ritchie along her little pile of clothes. He came in once to ask about the missing bloomers and I suggested that he just pull some from another outfit in her closet. I came out about 15 minutes later to find Jessica naked (except for her socks pulled up to her knees) and Ritchie digging through an array of bloomers. This is the pair he had selected:

Lindsay: “Honey, she CANNOT wear those bloomers with that dress to church!”
Ritchie (innocently surprised): “Why not?”
Lindsay (incredulous): “They don’t match!”
Ritchie (slightly defensive): “But they have purple in them like her dress.”
Lindsay (firm): “Honey, she can’t wear those bloomers. I meant for you to use a pair of white bloomers.”
Ritchie: “I tried all those others on her and they don’t fit. She can’t wear Grannie Panties to church.”
Lindsay: “They’ll work, however they look it’s better than those.”
Ritchie: “Okay”

It’s a good thing he’s a problem solver…


11 thoughts on “Dressed by Daddy

  1. HAHAHAH, oh.my.goodness. that was too funny. Has Ritchie always been so concerned about how underwear looks? And Ritchie…I don’t know how your poop experience was but if it was anything like our coming out of the tubby experience and me holding her poop all over my hands and self than I can understand your being traumatized…but I’m still going to laugh at you for the whole diaper backwards thing…you’ll probably get teased for that for a while. 🙂 look forward to it.

  2. She did not only have socks on like the story states, I had her shoes on as well. Linds did fail to mention that it took her almost as long to undress her from that outfit as it took me to put her in it, okay maybe not that long put pretty long. Dad had to her how to unbutton the sash. And the diaper thing, I just think that is pure genius on my part.

  3. We can relate to this story. Kevin refuses to dress the boys for church unless the clothes are laid out, because he knows I will change some part of the outfit before we actually leave to church. Ritchie I do think you chose really cute bloomers. She is so cute!!!!

  4. ok this is hilarious! And we go through this exact thing. Except Dev has never put his diaper on backwards and we dont have to deal with bloomers. But I have seen some interesting outfits at my house… This is so great!

  5. I've heard the backwards diaper thing works well for toddlers who take their diaper off all the time. But since Jess is not really a toddler… What a cute dad mistake! It's hard dressing little people, and girls especially because they need tights and bloomers and bows and such. She's just darling!

  6. I laughed out loud 3 times while reading this, and my kids are sleeping- good thing I didn't wake them.

    Diaper on wrong: been there. I STILL fix the diapers after Derrick changes them.

    Mis-matched outfit: been there, too! I have to lay clothes out for Derrick, and if I don't, I'm always surprised with the ensembles he comes up with!

    And my favorite part…

    Socks to the knees: been there over and over! Fold them down guys! The baby's not playing soccer!

  7. how do people put diapers on backwards! its so hard if yuo ask me!! THe bloomers are funny. men. One time one of the quints came home from school (having come from his dads house the morning before) in a pair of pj pants and a huge t-s-shirt that didnt match. too funny

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