Do these pants remind you of anything?

Bonus Photos:

Helping fold laundry

This one just makes me laugh. She was smiling real cute and we took several pictures trying to catch it…obviously we were unsuccessful. Shortly after this photo was taken she soaked the front and back of my shirt with spit up and managed to get it over my shoulder and across the floor of her room…it was pretty impressive.

We love this sweet girl.


14 thoughts on “Sisters…

  1. Oh my goodness, she is too cute. I can't believe it's still like a month and half until we see her! We have the first outfit and the last outfit shown in these pictures, they're so cute! And I love those pants…they remind me both of Dad and Dr. Seuss. ๐Ÿ™‚ Were you looking for either of those as an answer? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that last picture of her sweet face…a lot of times at night I'll just lay there or stand and watch her sleep, it just melts my heart, and it looks like Jess would do the same! So cute. She looks like she's a great helper too! I carry Evie too and from the Laundry building on top of the laundry in the basket because I can't hold her and carry the laundry…so I guess she's a helper too! Love you guys, keep postin'!

  2. She is extremely adorable! I love those pants, like the polka dot shorts only with stripes. I'm so glad she's such a good helper already, especially as a snuggler!

  3. Oh, is that what was being referred to? the Polka dot pants? Definitely, I didn't think of that at first. I just want to kiss those squishy cheeks of hers…she's turning into a little chunk herself.

  4. We can't wait until we get to meet her in a few weeks! Oh, no, I just thought of something….she will be two before TM sees her! She is a cutie!

  5. AHHH! She is so adorable. And those pants are so awesome. Look like they've been in the family all along =) She is turnin' into a chunky little thing. I love that sweet little baby girl. I can't wait to see her. And such a good helper =)

  6. Ohhhhhh…she is so cuuuute! I can't wait to meet her. I was just thinking about that earlier today, in fact. Those pants do remind me of the polka dot shorts. Thanks for the pictures.

  7. Although I do greatly appreciate these pictures of Jess, I just remembered that I am still waiting for pictures of her bedroom and of your new furniture…

  8. hhhheidii
    She says to say: I want to see you!

    (She saw me typing a comment and wanted to leave one herself, but got tired of typing after entering her name.)

  9. CUTE pics, Linds!! Little Jess is just too precious. I love the story of you trying to catch a smile for the camera only to have her spit up all over the place. Classic!
    Keep the photos coming!

  10. I will take pictures when we go this weekend! I ca't wait to see that squishy adorable girl! She is shaping up to be a super friendly lady.

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