Smoocherrific Cheeks

(Jessica’s Room below)

Jess in her Sunday Best.

This is Jess laying on our little changing station in the gameroom. The windows are just to the left. Anytime there’s light outside she looks out the window or at the blinds and happily coos about who knows what. She loves looking at the light and kicking her legs and moving her arms around. If she’s content and happy there I sometimes sneak over to the computer and just listen to her talk and laugh. She’s so fun. She also enjoys going outside and watching ceiling fans.

We love this sweet baby :).



6 thoughts on “Smoocherrific Cheeks

  1. Who would have thought that Baby J and her Aunt Alli share a common interest of watching ceiling fans. Ahah, she is so sweet…those cheeks are giving Evie a run for her money!! Now we just needy Lydi's face to beef up too! Oh my goodness, we can all just swap around babies kissing cheeks. I told Steven it would be perfectly acceptable if he wanted to buy me random plain tickets your way any time soon…I wish I could come visit you guys right now!

  2. How fun to see Jessica all dressed up and ready for church! She is such a cutie and I can't wait to see her and kiss those chubby cheeks.

  3. She is such a beautiful baby! We are so excited to see her next month. Her bedroom looks like something out of a decorator magazine!! It is so cute and so adorable!! I am sure she will love it for a long time! You are so talented.

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