4th of July Weekend

We had a great fourth of July in Houston. Jessica was invited to her cousin Aubrey’s birthday party on Friday. She had a fun time watching the kids and Kristin made sure we could participate in each activity. She and Aubrey got Jess a bib to decorate while the other kids decorated aprons. It was a fun party and Kristin did a great job. I’m not posting pictures though because apparently I forgot to clip my bra back up after feeding Jess so I look pretty awesome. At Aubrey’s family party that night we decided to see if Jess likes swimming. Ritchie thought she would since she loves taking baths. He was right!

We also had a fun visit with Shannan and Davis and the kids on the 4th. They invited us over for breakfast and the kids had gotten out Alexa’s baby stuff for Jess. They had a fun time playing with her and she enjoyed being with them. Alexa, who is 3 1/2, was especially enamored with her. She kept telling me what she thought Jess needed and then she’d go get it (ie, she’s tired so I got her a pillow and blanket). She enjoyed holding her for about 1 minute every 4 minutes and she didn’t let us out of her sight. When I went to feed Jess in the other room she came with me and kept trying to peek under my nursing cover. I tried to explain what I was doing but apparently she needed to see for herself. When she finally got a glimpse she was alarmed and said “I think she’s eating you-she’s eating you!!” We all had a good laugh about that.

Aubrey and Jess have really hit it off. Aubs can get a smile out of Jess better than anyone I know.
And I must say it was terrific having Kristin around. It was the first time since Mom had left that we’d been around family (well, except for the Stolles very brief visit) and it was nice to hand Jess over and not worry.


8 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend

  1. haha that is funny about your nursing bra! I'm glad she likes swimming. Caden loves swimming! Thanks for the update!!

    and ps- Jess is so big!!! Her chubby cheeks are so great.

  2. oh my gosh, is it saturday yet? I can't wait!!! She is so adorable. Evie is like that too with the laughing, Heidi is like number one at getting her to laugh, it's so cute. And she was lookin' SO good in that swimmy suit, oh my gosh, she's such a chunk. Evie was interacting with a baby that was 4 months old today and it was SO cute, I can't wait to see how all three of them are together.

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