Chunky Monkey

Here is little sweet cheeks on my birthday. She got this cute outfit from one of Ritchie’s clients. It has a cute hat that goes with it.

I actually blew out all those candles

I had a really terrific day. Jess was especially smiley and happy, my friend Amy took me out to lunch and then Ritchie got cake and ice cream (pie for me) and put together a last minute get party with some of our best buddies. It was a fun day!

8 Comments on “Chunky Monkey

  1. I see you were up early to do this post. I am positive that you were also a little bit excited about coming to Utah!!! Happy that you had a great birthday! You deserved the best of everything!

  2. those seats are so awesome aren't they? The kids were excited to see that Jessica has a “green one”… Ethan has a “blue one”. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. You look great! looks like you had a wonderful day! happy belated birthday. Miss you guys!

  4. 2 months already! I want to squeeze her chubby little cheeks and then kiss them. You look great too. Happy Birthday (late).

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