One more pic…

I took this tonight. I had her in the swing and I said “Jess, can you hit the lion?” (The mane spins and the beads inside make noise) I was turning my camera on when she whacked it. I kept asking her to hit it again and I finally caught it. I love the expression on her face-“Ok, I’m hitting the lion, real slow… are you getting this?” I wonder if she really understood what I was saying or if it hitting the lion was just a coincidence…


9 thoughts on “One more pic…

  1. what are you tallkinabout JESSSSS-errrrr! ahaha, she is SO adorable, kiss those squishy-licious cheeks for me (and I hope you're not as tired as you were Monday…oh, and, Happy Anniversary, because I'm a dork and forgot to tell you that….).

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