One more pic…

I took this tonight. I had her in the swing and I said “Jess, can you hit the lion?” (The mane spins and the beads inside make noise) I was turning my camera on when she whacked it. I kept asking her to hit it again and I finally caught it. I love the expression on her face-“Ok, I’m hitting the lion, real slow… are you getting this?” I wonder if she really understood what I was saying or if it hitting the lion was just a coincidence…

9 Comments on “One more pic…

  1. what are you tallkinabout JESSSSS-errrrr! ahaha, she is SO adorable, kiss those squishy-licious cheeks for me (and I hope you're not as tired as you were Monday…oh, and, Happy Anniversary, because I'm a dork and forgot to tell you that….).

  2. She's so smart, I'm sure it was no coincidence. Kiss those ridiculously chubby cheeks for Auntie Lis, will ya?

  3. Of course it's not a coincidence! She's a genius just like her parents. I love the look on her face too… priceless!

  4. I forgot to mention how lovely that bow in her hair is. Wherever did you get it?

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