Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures…

It seems as though I can never remember to cut Jessica’s nails when she’s asleep (I only remember when they’re scratching me or her and she’s usually not up for it at that point). So thanks to SuperDad here…the job got done. Who knew those headlights of ours would be so handy?

12 Comments on “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures…

  1. Way to go Ritchie! You can add that to your list of things you never thought you'd do as a parent. šŸ™‚

  2. I've had 3 kids and I've never thought of doing that! Great idea. I think it's so cute how she sucks her thumb. And you're right–thumb-suckers will rarely take a binky!

  3. ahahahha this is so great!! Thanks for posting this!! and those fingernails are so pesky. I have to cut Cadens like twice a week!!

  4. I love all of the pictures! I also loved with they start learning how to use their bodies. It only gets better!

  5. Very funny! Derrick has never once clipped the kids' finger or toe nails, or cleaned out their ears. Way to go getting Dad to do it!

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