Introductions, part 1

I think I’m out of the running for mother-of-the-year award. My child was introduced to her first solid food yesterday and it was a gummy bear. That’s right, I didn’t give her a taste of my apple or grape, it was my gummy bear. She’s been interested in food for a little over a month now. She sits in her Bumbo chair with us at the table and watches us eat. One day while I was eating an apple she was staring intently, licking her lips. Well yesterday as we sat together in a chair and I popped gummy bears I noticed her eyeing the gummy bears and then my mouth as I chewed them. Every time I reached for another one she’d follow it to my mouth. I couldn’t resist her cute little curiosity so I picked a clear one (I figured they had to be the healthiest) and touched it to her lips. She made a funny face, licked her lips and then stuck her tongue way out. I rubbed the gummy bear on her tongue and she got a big happy smile on her face and then laughed. It was great!

13 Comments on “Introductions, part 1

  1. ahahahah, i love it. i think you would still get the mother of the year award from Stevo. That cute little Jesser. I'm telling you, that's why we started foods…I couldn't stand having her be so cute and interested and not give her any!!

  2. PS…i was hoping for a picture of that lady as well…even though i did just see her on the webcam…

  3. Clear ones the healthiest – lol! I'm glad that she's getting introduced to one of my favorites early, only thing that would have been better was if it was a chocolate covered gummi bear!

  4. That's so cute that she laughed!! How fun. It's so exciting and magical to introduce kids to new things.

  5. Way to go Linds! Although, I think the orange ones must be healthier…. because they are orange flavored….. and don't oranges have vitamin C??????? jk

  6. Cute story! It sounds like you're a pretty easy going mom and that's great! I think I was too uptight with my first. Now…not so much.

  7. Hahaha, clear ones the healthiest. I'm glad she liked it. There's always time for apples and grapes, don't worry.

  8. Ahh! I love that picture you put up of Jesser and Ritchie!! Post it on a blog so that we can make it bigger!!

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