Sweet Jessica

Top row: Jess after rolling over for the first time, Jess rolling over for the first time (luckily my camera was downstairs), Jess & Daddy BYU fans.

Middle row: Jess and her first taste of rice cereal (she excitedly sucked it off the spoon that day but she hasn’t really been interested since), Sweet baby on Mama’s knee, playing on the floor

Bottom row: Playing and practicing sitting up, Jess in her new stroller (that we got after getting a new car seat because of a MINOR fender bender), Happy Jess just waking up


7 thoughts on “Sweet Jessica

  1. Oh my word. Jesser, I am sad you couldn't come this weekend! I love all those pictures, she is such a pretty baby. I especially love that one of her and Ritchie.

  2. oh my gosh, i just want to squeeze her. and i will be able to in just a couple of weeks! I love those pictures, especially that one of her and Ritchie, and of her looking so squishy in the stroller! oh. my. word. too cute. i love them all and she's getting some long hair on that sweet little chunky head of hers!

  3. She surely is a “Daddy's Girl.” It pleases me to see that she is already a True Blue Cougar! What a disappointment Saturday was! I couldn't bear to listen to it on the radio. Of course we have DirectTv and no broadcast so I did not have to go through the agony of watching it. 🙂

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