5 Month Highlights

Here are a few highlights from Jessica’s 5th month of life (Sept-Oct in no particular order)…

*Her 5 month birthday celebration with scones & honey and a new book (How Do I Love You?-it’s become one of our favorites). We learned that hot scones melt wax candles (that’s the bottom of the candle).

*Jess learned to sit up on her own. As the month went by, she got progressively less dependent on the pillows we placed around her.

*We enjoyed a GREAT visit from my Alli, Steven & Evie! Jess loved having a little playmate.

*She moved from Bumbo to high chair at the table and starting to try new foods. She was and still is especially fond of apples.

*She started rolling from her tummy to her back and then from her back to her tummy. That picture is actually a video of her going back and forth (she just rolled one way then rolled back the other).

*Jess got more and more playful with her Daddy. Once she could be a bit more rough and tumble, these two have really had fun together.


9 thoughts on “5 Month Highlights

  1. finally!! ahh, i love that sweet little chubber. so glad evie could take part in being a highlight of her 5th month of life…it was such a fun visit. we are excited to see you guys soon!

  2. I love it when they can sit up unassisted. It just might be my favorite baby stage! Cute collage of pictures. Those cheeks still kill me!

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