I guess I should’ve mentioned…

she has RSV.


3 thoughts on “I guess I should’ve mentioned…

  1. Now that is behind you, isn't it kind of funny that she was like off the wall and trying to jump up and down and stand up while nursing? The visual for that is pretty funny for me, at least. You of course know what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. RSV is in TEXAS?! I only thought it was a cold weather thing! My family in California never hears of it. I haven't been on to update my blog, or read yours lately, and I wanted to come see how you're doing. I've been thinking of you guys, and I'm sorry you've been going through RSV, it's the pits! I'll have to read back, I hope she didn't have to be hospitalized. It amazes me how parallel these cousins seem to run… we just found out Ethan has reactive airway disease (the forerunner to asthma) and we have been having to give him breathing treatments too! Well, I'm anxious to read on, love you guys!

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