There haven’t been many pictures lately…

Beacause most of them turn out like this. When I grab the camera, Jess starts crawling over to me to try to grab it or chew on the wristcord.

Tonight while Jess and I were brushing her teeth (which mostly involves letting her play around with the toothbrush) I told her she was funny and she got a big smile on her face and laughed. I asked her if she knew what funny meant and she laughed again. After testing it a few more times, I really think she knows what the word means. She can say Mama and she usually says it all day long. Sometimes she’s just babbling, sometimes she’s using it to get my attention and sometimes she’s using it when she wants to nurse. She is getting better at Ba- sounds and sometimes I think she’s close to ball or ba-bye. I’m so intrigued by language development. I know at this point she can understand more than she can say but I was really surprised that she could understand an obscure word like “funny” at least enough to associate it with laughing. She’s a kick this girl.

In other news, she fell down the stairs for the first time this week. That was pretty traumatic for all of us. She is FAST and by the time she’d made it up the 3 stairs to the landing, the music had barely stopped on the toy she’d been playing with. I thought she was playing until I heard her thudding down the stairs. Poor kid. This was also the day I didn’t notice 2 of her 4 dirty diapers so she had a monster diaper rash. I’m afraid I’m out of the running for mother of the year.

She continues to be a snuggly little thing and we think she’s just as cute as can be. Man, we’re lucky.


9 thoughts on “There haven’t been many pictures lately…

  1. Oh that sweet baby, look at those big blue eyes!!! She is too much. She's getting a lot more hair too! It sounds like it wasn't too many stairs that she fell down so that's good. Don't worry, it had to happen some day right? Evie's fallen off of the futon twice, so I was out of the running long ago. Love you guys.

  2. The people that get Mother of the Year just aren't as honest as you in telling what happens to their kids. It happens to everyone! I won't tell you how many boxes of girl scout cookies I bought from students this year. If Jessica likes them we will save some for her next visit!

  3. Oh I just looooove that Jesser girl. What a sweet funny little thing. That is sad but also funny that she had so much trouble in just one day. She IS so funny, and with that funny smile she gets and that look in her eyes it's like she's known it since the day she was born.

  4. and holy cow! those are girl scout cookies and i just got really sad because i'm pretty sure there are no girl scouts in new york city. oh my goooosh. i need cookies.

  5. WHAT!?! Our girl scout never came by this year, I hope she didn't quit. I must find myself some girl scout cookies.

    Also, she is a ridiculously cute little stinker. I just wanna kiss those sweet, happy cheeks.

    I tried to take some pictures of Lydia the other day and got frustrated because they ended up just like the one at the top of your post. Kids…whatcha gonna do?

  6. Dayton toppled down wooden stairs once. Daphne has fallen down a couple of stairs MANY times. My heart always stops when I hear/see the fall. But my kids have always survived with a few minor bruises. I'm glad she's okay, but it probably won't be Jessica's last stair tumble!

  7. Look at that face! She looks as happy as can be, I think you're still in the running for Mother of the Year. And her hair! We have got to come see you soon. She is such a happy little thing. Give her a kiss from me!

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