Kids, I’m in trouble…

8 Comments on “Kids, I’m in trouble…

  1. I hear from her daddy that this was only a stopping point, that she wanted to climb higher…yep, you're in trouble!

  2. well obviously that's the best spot for a jesser baby. that sweet crazy girl. i just want to squishy those cheeks!

  3. AHAHAHAH!!! Now we know why she likes Kara so much; they both have an affinity for climbing. Do yourself a favor and buy her a mouth guard now, before she chips her front teeth from falling while climbing.

  4. How cute! Did she pull the drawer out by herself? Your fun is just beginning!

  5. It's Jesser in the Dresser!!!

    Hahaha, Lisa' comment about buying her a mouthguard! Your next post should be a picture of her at the top of the dresser, because we know she's going to make it there.

  6. I love the look on her face. Like she's saying, “What's the big deal, mom?” So cute!

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