A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do!

Well Dad has decided it is time for a new post as well so everyone can make comments about his cute little ray of sun shine!

The last month or so has been a busy month for the Miller Family. Jessica has logged over 40 hours of drive time for trips this last month

In the beginning of April we went to Pensacola Florida to enjoy Easter/spring break with Ritchie’s (my) brother’s family and sister’s family. My brother lives there and my sister’s family came down from Indiana. Lindsay, Jessica and I drove out on a Thursday night making it to Baton Rouge that night at 3am making the rest of the trip the next day. Jessica made her first trip to the beach on Saturday and really enjoyed herself, and did a little surfing while she was there.She also decorated her first Easter Egg

Had her first String hunt
Got her first set of gardening tools to help in the yard with, and got a lot of other loot

Played with Sidewalk Caulk

My brother in law, niece and I went SCUBA diving on 2 days while we were there, but there are no pictures to show for it as the camera which I thought I strapped on is now floating around the ocean somewhere (sorry Bill I know you a new camera and case). Jessica, Mom, Tami, Stepahanie and Shani went to an Aquarium and saw a bunch of fish.

We returned home and on the way stopped in Houston and Lindsay and Jessica stayed to hang out a few days with Lindsay’s mom and dad as they had come in from India. Lindsay’s dad dropped her off on his way to come pick up Indian Summer which we were able to procure here in San Antonio to make life on the Kokopelli even more exciting.

(now that man looks Happy!!!)

Jessica had her first Birthday that was really fun and exciting. Grandma and Grandpa Miller came over for it and Kristin, Aubs and Andrew came as well from Houston. We had a party on Saturday so I could be around for the celebration, since Lindsay was going up to Utah to attend Graduation(loving me some Kentucky Blue)

as our someday Doctor Stevo was graduating. So She was also able to celebrate her real birthday in Utah with lots of loving family (minus her dad).

(opening gifts, “Thanks Guys for the Ribbon”)(Lot’s of little helpers)
(“Eat Me” says the Cake)
(“Don’t Mind if I Do”)
(Cake number 2 in Utah)

She had lots of fun playing with all her cousins and tearing into her cake.

//www.youtube.com/get_player(Go Cougs!!!!!!)
That weekend Lindsay and Jessica flew into Dallas as one of her cousins, C.J., was getting married. So the Stolle’s, Mom Seil, and Miller’s spent the weekend in Dallas and had a great time with the Cathy people. Jessica started making some real great progress on her walking while we were in Dallas. She was able to string together a bunch of steps. Now she is moving all over the place Look out Kids Tippsy Toodle has arrived.
Mom came back home with us to San Antonio for a few days, it was a long drive home so we stopped off in Marble Falls so Jessica could stretch her legs a city park. See had a great time at the park.(Hanging at the park in Marble Falls)

She also in all our traveling ventures has become a big fan of Baby Signing Time. Of the 40 or hours logged in the car this month I would say 20 plus was watching Signing time (know it by heart now). She can now tell us “more”, “all done”, “cracker”, “Hat”, and a few others that I am sure Lindsay can fill you in on ( know she is dying to be the one to type this, but a nursing mother of a one year old just doesn’t have a lot of time).

That’s All folks (From a Dad’s vantage point)

P.S. First Ice Cream Cone



9 thoughts on “A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do!

  1. Hahahaah. Thank you, Richard. It was high time someone blogged, and what a pleasure to see your view point. This was such an excellent post. I feel like I know what has been going on now. And she is such a chunky princess, I just love her. I was cracking up at work watching her walk. What a big girl.

  2. WOW! That was worth the wait. What a fun blog, well done Ritchie! So fun to see her walking, falling down and picking herself up and going again. What a Sweetie!

  3. I love your blogs, Ritchie. They always make me laugh! Way to go on getting the blog all caught up. Kiss that little tipsy toodle for us, she is so cute! Also, I was wondering… is sidewalk caulk some sort of special toy just for children whose father's work in the construction industry? I mean, my kids only play with sidewalk CHALK, but maybe they're missing out!?

  4. I DID read this a while back but I never commented! Anyways, I love all those pictures. Way to go Ritchard for taking one for the team and doing this huge blog! That last one of her eating ice cream is hilarious. And I love that first one in her little swimsuit, omgosh. We were so glad you guys came down, it was so much fun. And Ritchie, thanks for going without them for a week!

  5. Way to go Dad!!

    I love the idea of a string easter egg hunt- I've never seen that before.

    My favorite is the picture of the 3 lady Cougars!!!

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