Daddy Daugher Date

Whataburger 60th Anniversary, free burger if you wore orange and Mom had RS duties to fulfill so like any good Dad we went out for a free burger and fries. Came home to eat as the restaurant was too crowded. Oh and Jess got a free hat, she loves her hats

9 thoughts on “Daddy Daugher Date

  1. Hahaha, what a good dad. And what a sweet chunky girl that I just want to smooch!!!

    Nate says “Are you bummed that they didn't give you one, too?”

    I personally think it would look best on Jesser anyway. =)

  2. She does love her hats, that girl. You're a fun dad… you took her for a burger and fries and also remembered to take a picture of her in the hat. And then you blogged about it! Good job, Ritchie.

  3. HAHA! So cute. She does love hats. I am glad you posted a blog! I want to know more about what that cute little girl is doing! (And you two, of course.)

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