Making Dip Dip with Mommy

Jess and Mommy decided to start a great family tradition. Making Dip Dip on Sunday (aka Cookies)

Add then comes the best best part of Dip Dip, Dipping !!!!!

And Dip some more !!!

Time to try it out


One Happy Customer!!!!

You can thank me for this blog -RJM


10 thoughts on “Making Dip Dip with Mommy

  1. Oh my gosh, I love those pictures! She is too much cuteness…and that is a goooood tradition!

    Oh yes, and I like the name. A cookie's best with milk to dip it in!! (from the title I thought maybe you guys were making chip dip or something…)

  2. Thanks for the great photos Ritchie! She is such a cutie and comes by that “dip dip” naturally, only we would have said “dunk dunk.” Nothing like a cookie and some milk!

  3. Lydia “helped” with sugar cookies the other day. She was more interested in tasting each individual ingredient than the actual finished product!

    Jess is so cute. I want to squeeze her. I wish we lived closer so that I could. Thanks for the blog Ritchie. We have you to thank for the last three, man.

  4. Such a cute family. What a lucky girl to get to endlessly dip cookies every Sunday! My kids are jealous – they have to wait for rain and we live in a desert 🙂

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