Nursery: Day 1

The crying only lasted for 25 minutes. After that I was able to keep it together and only tear up occasionally. Honestly. Jessica on the other hand, once that girl saw the toys, her friends and her sweet nursery leader inviting her to join them, she smiled big and wriggled out of my arms so fast that I couldn’t tell her all of the things I’d been planning to…be a nice girl, share, I’ll be back, I love you. I walked away a little stunned and not sure quite what to do with myself. I’m sure it won’t be the first time that I hope I’ve prepared her with the tools she needs to be successful. I’m glad she had a fun day.


9 thoughts on “Nursery: Day 1

  1. Good for Jessica! I am so glad she liked Nursery. It is interesting how they all enter Nursery a different way. Some are so ready and some are still so attached to the parents (sometimes for the entire time in Nursery), that it makes it hard for everyone in Nursery. I am proud of you, and you are right, this won't be the first time you feel that way! You are great parents! She will be fine!

  2. Oh my! Jessica is off to nursery? I can just see the cute thing toddling off and being one of the “big” kids. I'm sure it was much harder on you than her. Let's just hope she keeps loving nursery and especially as much as her Aunt Heidi does. πŸ™‚

  3. Lol, that is funny. I'm glad Jess had such a successful first day. They're always ready to leave sooner than we're ready to let them go. I can't believe these little babies are in nursery. Next thing you know, you'll be sending me a kindergarten picture. Kiss that squishy baby for me!

  4. Haha, oh Linny. I'm sure I would have felt the same, sweet Jesser. I don't think you guys realize how devastated I am when I see how grown up they are. I wish she would always stay the same but it's sad, though good, to see that they grow so quickly when I'm not there. Give her some loves from aunt shugee.

  5. Hahaha, I just laugh so much at this. I know the feeling…well, you know, except for that Evie hated nursery for a month and still doesn't love it…

  6. I was wondering how the day had gone for both of you. Sweet girl, I'm so glad she had a good time. And as for you, I'm glad you have prepared her so well for this first “big” experience, good job Honey. As for tears, it's okay, they're good for you, make you realize all over again what a blessing such sweet children are. Have Jessa give you a hug from me! πŸ™‚

  7. I'm still laughing that she waved you off today. That girl has got herself some spunk! I am sure she is prepared; you are such a good example to her. We miss you guys.

  8. wow you are lucky. Caden just barely decided he could stay in nursery without crying. but I sometimes I secretly wish they would bring him to me because I miss him!

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