Hi & Bye February

I’ll be honest. It’s been a long 2 months around here. I sprained my ankle the first week of January and I’m STILL wearing an ace bandage and I may not ever play volleyball again. It’s relatively easy to nurse an injured ankle when you’re 16 (I guess my mom had a lot to do with that-thanks Mom), or even 20 and single but as a 30 yr old mother-to-a-toddler, it’s rather difficult to convalesce enough to see results. I didn’t even take any pictures of the bruises on it so you know things were bad. After the ankle, Jess and I got colds, the flu, colds again, and I think we turned a corner, we’re celebrating our first full week of health in 2011. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we didn’t bring anything home from nursery today.
The good news is that it was pretty cold during our quarantine. Yes, I know, relative to the rest of the country, not too cold but for South Texas 19 degrees is cold. So we had an excellent excuse to stay indoors, drink hot chocolate and lounge around watching Sesame Street and reading books. It may sound glamorous but it’s been a long 6 weeks because it’s hard to be the mom and be sick. And it’s hard to sit around feeling guilty because your baby could use more attention and excitement in her life but you’re just too tired to do anything else. It’s also hard for me to accept help because I feel like my troubles are small compared to other people. I’m lucky to have friends who know this about me and who bring dinner, treats and bread, despite my claims that “We’re fine, it’s just an ankle or a cold, or…” I’m grateful that Jessica didn’t get a fever higher than 103.2 and that her default mode is happy because it’s easier to gauge how sick she is. I’m grateful for a healthy husband who is understanding. And I’m really grateful that spring is just around the corner.

Ps…That day it was 19 degrees…it snowed! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any footage of us (and half the kids in our neighborhood) “sledding” down the hill by our house on kitchen trays, skimboards, cardboard and laundry baskets :). Jess didn’t know what to think and she didn’t want to try sledding but Ritchie and I had fun! Oh, and yeah, her coat was MIA so she had on a shirt, a sweater and a vest with her little cotton pants. Mother of the year.


8 thoughts on “Hi & Bye February

  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, it has been a crazy couple of months for you. As for Jessa's clothes out in the 19 degree weather, a little perspective from here, her father's out there in shorts…I think she's pretty well equipped. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the new post and photos! Sorry to hear that 2011 has not been the best for you so far. Hopefully spring is on its way and will bring more sunshine into our lives! It was fun talking with you even if it was by accident. 🙂

  3. I need to call you! I did not even know you sprained your ankle or that you and Jess had been sick! I must be the “Aunt of the Year”. I like your little dusting of snow and her snow outfit! Don't feel bad, she has on more winter clothes than most of my class when they go out to recess in two feet of snow!

  4. Girl, don't I know it all. I'm glad you guys are feeling better. Hopefully it'll start warming up again too now that you're healthy and you can let that girl run wild and free outside. Love all the pictures. I had forgotten that you had sprained the ankle, hopefully that's getting better too. I think Evie has watched at least 3 movies today…

  5. Oh man, I didn't realize your ankle was STILL bothering you too!! Don't beat yourself up over not measuring up to your ideal all the time. I've wasted too much energy doing that myself. 🙂 It's OK to take some downtime. Here's hoping for health and wellness!!

    Thanks for the pictures. Look at her sweet, smiling face! It looks like she and Lydia need to do some cooking together; they seem to have the same tendencies-spilling and “nitching”!

  6. Hahah, well Ritchie is in shorts in that picture so it couldn't have been TOO bad without her coat!

    I feel so bad that things were this terrible for you guys. I would say I only had half as terrible a two weeks because I was only half as sick…and I didn't have a sprained ankle so probably even less. I'm glad you are all feeling better now. I can't wait for spring, either.

  7. At least I had shoes on, no socks but shoes. Linds sold herself short, she was still a great mother and wife during the first two months of the year.


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